18andAbused is simply the answer to all hardcore porn lovers’ prayers. Although the site’s title already tells you that you will be watching an incredible amount of BDSM, the site’s actual scenes depict a minimal level of BDSM and lots of rough fucking. The site goes a great way to bring you a tad bit of everything that you will most definitely enjoy. There is no doubt that you are in for a great ride of pleasure. The content features fresh faces who are eager to tap out of their comfort zone and show you exactly what they are made of. Video after video, these fresh faces are pumped until their clits get swollen or fucked hard in the ass until they cannot take it anymore. The best aspect of your membership is the fact that you will have unlimited access to a large collection of scenes.

To be precise, 18andAbused comprises of a total of 19,000 DVDs and 850 newly uploaded HD videos. Regardless of how much you try, you will not be able to exhaust the scenes that are offered here even if you try. Of course, this site would belong to no other than the VideosZNetwork especially because of its quality and nature of scenes. There is no doubt that you will have a blast every time you log into this pleasure portal.

18andAbused movies showcase lots of nasty sexual encounters. The anal penetrations are just as exciting as the gangbang scenes and as such, you will have every reason to remain glued to the screen. Becoming a member of the porn site essentially means that you will have full access to the scenes in the entire network. If you think you can handle much more than 18andAbused dishes out, then you will make the most of the bonus flicks that are available for you. Every category of porn is pretty much showcased here, therefore, the site goes out of its way to offer something for everyone.

Do not be afraid to indulge in the nastiness because it is the only way that 18andAbused knows how. Every video guarantees you of 1080p HD view ship quality and this is how you know that you will not be able to miss a moment of excitement. Established in September 2009, the site has been in business for a total of eight years and as all porn lovers know, a decade of longevity is something that speaks for itself.

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Design and Features

As part of the VideosZNetwork, 18andAbused maintains a classic and simplistic design that can be found on other network sites. Therefore, navigation will truly be a breeze. You will not experience any challenges with accessing the content, especially because there is a top menu that acts as a guide to the collection in itself. The ‘home’ button simply takes you to the part of the site that showcases all that the network has to offer. From here, you can be able to select 18andAbused and this will automatically enable you to end up in the site’s member’s area. Here, you can be able to preview some of the videos that are in store for you.

The site showcases a variety of niches including doctor-patient hook-ups and even teachers getting down and dirty with some of their ‘pets’. Even ‘Delilah’ is not excluded from strong gangbangs that will make the hair on the back of your neck raise. The fact that there are 800+ videos demands the best arrangement and 18andAbused does not disappoint. You will delight in the site’s easiness of access. The platform proves that it has a reliable update schedule that you can easily keep with and as such, you will find every reason to log into the portal of pleasure. The files are available in AVI format but they can also be streamed on a flash player. Either way, they are solid in quality.

Girls and Videos

When it comes to getting pleasure and fulfilled, the beautiful girls on 18andAbused love getting restrained, fucked rough and hard until they cannot be able to take it anymore. However, the men do not quit until they have milked every ounce of satisfaction from their private parts. Most of the cocks are large just like these beauties like it and because of the fact that they have to get through tight assholes and pussies, they are eager to get started on things. If there was a device to measure kinkiness, these girls would be through the roof because they are not able to contain what they feel. The models are fresh faces who will not stop at anything until they give all that they can to make their partners happy. Of course, they get pleasure and satisfaction in return.

All of the scenes on 18andAbused portray a storyline such as getting down and dirty in the doctors’ office and even fresh faces indulging in acts of getting fucked by older men. It does not matter whether they are in the indoors or outdoors because you will love all that they dish out either way. Some of the models decide to overstretch their pussies’ right when they are getting fucked or even stretching out their assholes to be originally bigger than they truly are. Of course, the models do everything from squirting to playing with unorthodox sex toys. The gangbang scenes will keep you glued to the screen, waiting for their next move in ways that will delight you with pleasure. Even drinking cum seems like a chore because the sticky cocktail is shaved down these beauties through proving that these beauties have not come out to play, they are all about getting pleasure regardless of what it costs.

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18andAbused offers all of its members a bright perspective to light BDSM action. You will not only get to enjoy the content that the site in itself offers but membership also gets you access to the entire VideosZNetwork. There is a lot to be said about the site but in its entirety, 18andAbused represents the best kind of adult entertainment.

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