This site, WifeysWorld, is an amateur porn site, where you can enjoy the videos of a horny couple, who are doing the nasty all the times. Wifey sucks and gets fucked, she even takes on new personalities to make the scenes more diverse, and to provide the audience with something else than the usual home-porn they perform. This whole story started back 1998, when Hubby posted some photos of Wifey online, and she got mostly positive replies, so they decided to go along on this line, and soon the nude photos turned into hardcore porn videos. These videos were just as a popular as the first pictures, and Wifey made a career in the porn industry, and though they still claim that it’s home-made or even amateur porn, you might see for yourself, that these scenes professionally made, and they fit the reality- or fantasy-porn categories better. All of content on the site are exclusive, Wifey doesn’t work with any studios, though you can find some videos of her taking in a big black cock, on a site that is dedicated to this niche. Apart from that, she appears in videos made solely for her own site.

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Design & Features

The site looks nice, and it has a simple design and layout. The menu is on the top of the page, while under that you can enjoy a slideshow showing some of the hot content of the site. Under that, the rest of the page features the latest scenes of the site so you might get a peek into the movies. As some extra actual motion picture in the tour mode, you get to watch a trailer of the site; for anything else, you need to register. The inner page looks mostly the same as the tour page, so you won’t really need to get used to another interface. For navigation and sorting, the site grants you access to keyword tags for the movies and for the picture sets too, and there is a search engine with an advanced search page too. Among the features of the site, you will find a store, where you can get your hands on some of the clothes that Wifey wears, and there are DVDs and other stuffs too. You can find cartoons and games too. Everything you see on the site is available for download too, which means that apart from watching the videos or browsing the galleries online, you can also save them. Most of the videos are MP4 files, and you have usually two quality settings: normal SD and a sharp HD quality. These settings are also available for online watching, so you might enjoy the HD scenes in your browser, provided you have a strong machine and a good connection. For the picture sets, you can set them to go on a slideshow, and if you want you can set the time between the pictures; but you can also save the sets in a zip file.

Girls & Videos

The WifeysWorld features two stars, a married couple: Wifey and Hubby. It’s quite evident that Wifey is the female model of the site, while Hubby is the male star, and he is the guy who handles the camera. Most of the movies of the WifeysWorld are show from his point of view, so in lots of the scene you can only watch his cock and arms. Wifey herself is the main attraction here however, because since Hubby uploaded some photos of her to the web, she has become very popular, and she is the kind who rides this popularity. He has attributes that makes her irresistible and really tempting: the first thing to come in mind (and that will poke your eyes) are her large, natural breasts, which she shows a lot, and those are one of the major attractive powers of Wifey. The overall look of her body is amazing, and though she is usually considered as a MILF, as far as it can be detected she isn’t a mother, so she doesn’t really fit this category. What else can be told of her? Well, she is hot, that’s a fact; Wifey is a Caucasian and she is resides in the United States. Her natural hair is blonde, but to make it more interesting she often wears wigs. At this time, the videos of the WifeysWorld are dating back more than twelve years, to 2003. This horny couple shot movies before then, but probably to save space to upload the newest, usually HD scenes, they took down the oldest scenes. (You can get them on DVD though). Most of these early scenes you can find on the site feature simple home-porn, featuring Wifey sucking or getting banged by Hubby. Lately, to spice up the movies a bit, they started to do roleplaying with recurring characters, and there are lots of scenes featuring some cosplay too, so you will find yourself a varied collection of videos, with the same couple, but it’s certain that you won find them all the same. Another important feature of Wifey’s videos is that she likes to play with the man-milk. There are actual milking scenes, and she drinks and swallows the stuff; it seems that she won’t let a drop to be gone astray. In the main videos’ list you can find more than 530 scenes.

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