Venus Lux is not just the name of a website, it is the name of one of the hottest, sexiest porn stars you will ever feast your eyes on. But Venus Lux is not a woman like any other. She is a chick with a dick. A transgender female of Asian heritage who has just launched her new and improved web site that really deserves a second look… and a third, and a forth… well, you get what I mean. On arriving on the Venus Lux site, you will quickly realize that it isn’t hype when they say that Venus is the hottest transgender girl in the business. Just this year, at the AVN Awards, she was crowned TS Performer of the Year and received the Best TS Sex Scene Award of the year. She was also named Best Transsexual Performer of the Year at the coveted XBIZ Awards. Last year, she received Tranny Awards for Best Solo Site / Hardcore, Best Performer and Best Scene at the Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA). In March 2014, she was named “Must-See Girl” by X Critic and received two Best Transsexual Performer Awards that year. With her high-end, chic, top quality porn site, Venus is not only making a name for herself as a very generous and incredibly hot performer, she is also opening the door to other transgender performers who star in hot scenes with her and pose for amazingly naughty pictures. And with her weekly naughty updates, sexy interactive blogging and incredibly hot trans girl video gallery, no wonder she is all the rage in the porn industry.

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Design & Features

The Venus Lux “Erotic. Sexy. She is your Venus!” web site is top-notch, beautifully designed, rich-looking in its presentation as well as its content. I was very impressed with the luxurious choice of colors and the sleekness of the look. The site is super easy to navigate and isn’t cluttered with a bunch of silly things that nobody cares about anyway. You will find a succinct introduction by Venus herself, physical and personal stats and contact information on the “About” page. By checking out the “Tour” page, you will quickly get to know your way around the site. Then, of course, you will find the “Videos” and “Photos” tabs. One of the features of those two tabs is that you can have them come up in “Most Recent” order, in “Most Popular” order or in alphabetical “Name / Title” order. You will also discover that each video has a corresponding picture set in the “Photos” section. In said “Videos” and “Photos” sections, once you become a member, you will be able to rate the content on a one to five star scale as have done many avid members and fans before you. Also in the site map, you will find the Blog tab where you will be able to check out all the latest news items and posts from Venus as well as comments and questions posted by fans like you, which means you will also have your own access to this interaction. Venus also offers an on-line store through her website so you will be able to go check out all the merchandise she has to offer including downloads, clothing, photo sets, DVDs and autographed items. If you are already a fan of Venus Lux or become one upon browsing around on her site, you will want to join the newsletter which offers free photos and movies sent directly to your email. When you join the site, you will also have access to interactive cam shows which is always a nice bonus, right?

Girls & Videos

Venus is a gorgeous, wavy-haired Asian-American San Francisco native with Chinese and Mongolian heritage. She is totally, unbelievably smoking hot with her luscious lips, beautiful skin, mouth-watering tits and silky smooth ass and legs. According to her, she revels in luxury, and in providing pleasure and entertainment to her fans while, obviously, procuring her on screen partners a tremendous amount of pleasure and satisfaction as well. She considers herself a woman of versatility and vitality, and says she loves to travel and explore, discovering and tasting all the flavors the world has to offer. Apparently, this is not only true for food but also applies to sex. In her description of herself, she goes on to say, “From a nice stroll on the beach to sipping a sparkling wine in Tuscany, I enjoy it all. I’m sure to spark your senses. Exotic and beautiful, I am a woman of taste, sophistication, and elegance.” When you check out her website, you will have no doubt about that, believe me! Sharing the screen with Venus are men, women and other transgender women. Recently, she even added a video with her first transgender guy, a male with a pussy, an incredibly hot scene that you will not want to miss. As I said above, Venus considers herself versatile and she proves it by using her cock to fuck girls AND guys as well as getting fucked in the ass herself by some pretty awesome studs and other transgender women like herself. In some of the videos, Venus offers some pretty cool fantasy stories. In others, we get some straight-on sex with no story, but plenty of action. Since Venus also likes to indulge her fans’ fantasies, she often dresses up. You will see her as a Dominatrix, a police officer, and so much more. When she is not doing solos or twosomes, you can catch Venus in some really hot threesomes or group sex scenes. As you can see, she is pretty much open to anything… including offering up scenes where she isn’t in front of the camera herself.


Venus Lux is one of the most honest, straight-forward porn stars I have ever had the chance to check out on the Internet. Her site is awesome and hot, and if you are at all curious about hot transgender females, this is the place to be. I will certainly be going back.

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