One of the greatest hot shemale porn websites if you enjoy hardcore porn that involves a really hot and gorgeous shemale called Jamie Coxx, TSJamieFrench lets you follow the sexual adventures of this feisty and bubbly shemale, as she engages in both soft and hardcore porn along with her hot male friends; even doing all the action by herself sometimes. This site may sound like the usual shemale porn site you have encountered before but it is remarkably more than that. It is unique and was carefully built in the hopes of breaking the usual norms when it comes to shemale adult sites.

True enough, the site is and has always been a joy to be in since it launched in September 2012. With niches that involve transsexual porn, hardcore sex, and a bunch of fetishes, TSJamieFrench treads on a winning path. Add up the nominations it has and the number of awards it has won, no wonder this particular site has stayed at the top of its game. As of now, the site is being managed by Grooby Bucks and it beautifully showcases the many kinks and sexual adventures of the one and only Jamie Coxx.

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Design and Features

TSJamieFrench has a simple website that just screams fun. The happy vibes is real here and even Jamie herself is a big ball of sunshine. With her pleasant demeanor and spunk, she basically adds even more life to the site, not that it lacks of it in the first place. With a colorful color scheme that fits perfectly with the site theme, it would seem like every single thing in here is in order. The navigation that is really easy to understand use, with links found in the most obvious locations, like the top menu bar right below the site banner. The user interface is conventional and user friendly, as the site arrangement is uncluttered and very well kept. The site resembles much like a blog so it is easier to keep track of the new updates and uploads.

Speaking of which, aside from the already booming porn site Jamie has, she has her very own blog that she updates every now and then. She also has her very own portfolio that you can check if you want to know more about this gorgeous shemale chick. TSJamieFrench hosts about 200 photo sets, as well. Each set consists of almost a hundred photos inside that are all in hi-res. The sets can be downloaded in zip files or saved individually. Browsing here is easy peasy despite the large content count because you can make use of the advanced search bar and the pagination link. Aside from that, you can sort things out using their tags. You can comment on the videos, as well. Instead of bonus sites that you get for free, you get bonus archives and bonus content that are as good as the former. Make sure to check those out because they are also what makes the site an even better deal.

Girls and Videos

Although the site does not have the weight of real girls, it still is very much worth your time because of its resident shemale, a shemale that would put most girls to shame when it comes to eroticism and hotness, Jamie Coxx. Jamie is a professional shemale porn star who has had her fair share of great porn videos circulating around the internet via different porn sites. The best ones she has are found in TSJamieFrench and it could topple down anything else out there. In here, Jamie explores more than just the normal sexual endeavors that you can find anywhere at this time. Sure, the sex is absolutely hardcore and her partners are never dull to look at but one of the best things about this site is Jamie and her ability to make herself feel good using whatever she feels is necessary. She jerks herself off, sucks her own cock, and even cums in her own mouth. How that works? You’ll witness that as soon as you spend enough time on her site. She also loves to tweak herself with sex toys, so make sure you do not miss that, as well.

The site currently has almost 200 scenes that stretches from 20 to 30 delightful minutes. Each scene can be watched via streaming or via downloading. Streaming can be done in your browser with an embedded Flash player, make sure your player is at least updated. Not to fret though because updates can be done easily and at most times, they can be automatic. You may also download the scenes in various formats like MP4 and Windows Media. There is no download limit so you are free to download as much as you want. There are several resolutions you can opt for like 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 720 x 480, and more. The recent ones are truly in HD and the older ones might hold lower specs but are still really good.

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TSJamieFrench was something I did not expect would satisfy me but it did and it really exceeded my expectations. Not only does it have great quality videos that will put most shemale porn sites to shame, the quantity count is beyond a doubt, top level. The action is swaying in between hardcore and softcore, but never short of awesome and wonder. Jamie herself is a hot, banging vixen that certainly know what she is doing. In here, your imagination is endless and it is never boring. The features the site offers are an absolute delight and for in an overall sense, TSJamieFrench is definitely something you should all check out.

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