Who doesn’t love sex? Contrary to popular belief, I think women love sex as much as men do, with some women being sex maniacs. But, there is an essential difference, we love the idea of making love; passionate, dirty, and making love, rather than just fucking the way sex is portrayed in the current porn industry. And it is important to be sexually active, whether it is having sex or it is pleasuring yourself. So, we have to resort to porn to fulfill our needs sometimes. But isn’t it really hard to find porn which is made from the women’s perspective rather than just the men? There are a lot of adult entertainment companies, even with all the variety and all the different girls, one core problem is that it’s very male oriented and overly sexualized. For that matter, even lesbian porn is made for men, for them to enjoy some ‘girl on girl’ action, using their perspective instead of a woman’s.

It shouldn’t only be about the act of sex, there is so much foreplay that they miss out on, or even the background story. Sex can be sensual instead of just hardcore and it’s time they realize that. But all of this is totally edited out of mainstream porn as we see it today. The only thing that they probably do is five minutes of foreplay where they are screaming dirty things to each other, fucking and that is the end of it. Which works fine for most men, but we as women, we definitely do not get off on stuff like that and we are looking to stimulate our minds as well as our vaginas. A little bit of romance does go a long way in our heads. Well there is something out there that is totally different from anything you have seen before, that is made for women like you and I, by women. So they definitely aren’t going to get what we want wrong.

SsshAlumni, is the website which we are talking about and recommending you. This is literally the best thing that you could possibly find for all your sexual needs. Why? Not only does it have a variety of porn videos, pictures and erotica, that is made keeping in mind women sensibilities but it also has columns that you can read and interact with other members and if you have questions of any kind there are even experts to help you out. Yea that’s the kind of site that we are talking about; it truly is a dream come true.

Awesome premium adult site for erotic videos.

Design and Features

Well, as soon as you enter the website a wave of nostalgia is sure to hit you. It emanates a very Mills and Boons vibe, where it makes you feel romantic and sensual and in the right mood at the same time. The colors used on the site are very vintage; using mauve, light blue and off white. They also do give you the option of switching between French and English, as you please. It is rather evident that they have put a lot of thought into making the tour page. There’s a picture on the top of the page; she looks like she could be gracing any cover of the most romantic novels out there. The page has been divided. On the left-hand side, there is a welcome note along with notices that are put up for members of the site. And on the right, all the categories that you could possibly imagine that would pique your interest are there. They have really done a wonderful job at making the website sensual and romantic.

Girls and Videos

SsshAlumni is truly different as it focuses on the needs of women. It is not like other porn sites for women, where they focus solely on naked pictures of men and try to get you off. They have really delved into the psyche of women and brought to you all of this content, which is surely going to stimulate you. The line up men and women on this site is really diverse in terms of races and even the kind of bodies that are portrayed. There is something for everyone in the truest sense.

Also, they have rated all of their content according to ‘lips’. So, one lip, is least kinky, and so on. So, if you really are not looking for something overtly sexual, they have already rated it for you so that you don’t have to even see what you want to. They also have very interesting erotica’s for those who prefer reading and using their own imagination to watching videos. And their audio books are really something that you have to listen to. Men with deep baritone, sexy voices, reading out erotic stories is something that you really cannot miss. If you peek into the members’ area, you will find a get to know yourself section. This section is totally dedicated to masturbation. You can read very interesting articles too, helping you explore your own body sexually.

There is a lot of content for lesbians too. There are a lot of sections such as sexual wellness, style, beauty and so much more. There are sections such as man of the month, ask the man and a lot of other things that are super informative. You can even participate in conversations over the articles and columns that are written. There are over 200 videos, most of which are in high definition. And the resolution of the photos is 1600×1200. Also, if you download the photos, there are erotic stories attached to them. It really doesn’t get any better than this.


I know all of this is going to make you want to sign up right away. SsshAlumni has so much to offer for women who are looking for something more than just the bang-bang. It is a complete and wholesome experience. It sexually excites you, educates you, lets you explore your sexuality and even buy things discreetly at your convenience. You can even send in your own erotic stories, if writing is what you are good at.

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