Since Indians are quite rare in the porn business, every site that claims to have hot Indian chicks is a site we have to consider looking at. On the IndianSexHD our expectation had been met, and let us tell you in advance: this site has it all and the hard sex and the hot Indian girls will surely keep you entertained, interested and excited for a really long time. We have been looking for such sites all around the web, and we mostly found barely enjoyable amateur videos and a few professional shots. However, the IndianSexHD has only professional porn, with actual porn stars who look great, play their roles nicely, and are into hard sex. But there is a catch to the IndianSexHD, but don’t worry, it’s not the bad kind! As you will find out soon, the IndianSexHD hides more than you would expect.

The list of videos provided by the IndianSexHD features less than a hundred scenes, which, considering this niche, is still quite good. But that’s not the catch we are talking about. The big deal about the IndianSexHD is that it grants you access to a huge pornography archive, and there are more scenes with Indian girls than what you could see on the page itself. The IndianSexHD is a part of the VideosZ network, and it will give you full access to this archive. Here are the actual Indian-themed stats: there are 38 DVDs on the VideosZ, with 204 hardcore porn scenes for you to watch. It’s much bigger than any other Indian themed porn sites’ collection. We know the videos are not exclusive, but you get it all at one place, and apart from the Indian porn, you get a lot more: Asian, Latinas, Ebonies, and more niches you could count on.

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Design and Features

We really love the VideosZ, and we are returning members. However, there is one thing we don’t really like about it: the way it serves its material to the non-registered users. We know they have to keep to good stuff to the members, but the tour page could be more than just a list, a preview clip or something would yield better results. But, never mind that. Those who are looking for Indian porn, or just porn as it is are at the right place. Sign up, and start enjoying the goodies. Inside, a simple yet quite usable interface welcomes you. Since it’s a big DVD archive, you can browse by DVDS, scenes and porn stars. There are also a few genres listed, though the Indian is not among them. Using the search engine and typing in the word Indian will yield some results. When you open the video results’ page, you can find several filtering and sorting options, use them as you see fit.

Girls and Videos

Indian and Arabic girls are usually categorized as the same in many porn sites, and it seems that the IndianSexHD is not different. However, you shouldn’t really care about this, because these soft brown skinned hot girls are what you seek. They are authentic-looking Indians, and if you know where Kama Sutra comes from, you probably know that these girls have sex in their genes! And now, on this porn site, they will show you their skills in it! It looks like Indian girls are rare to find to do porn, that’s why this collection is so slow to grow.

The models’ list of the IndianSexHD features mostly professionals, who are willing and eager to have sex on camera, and they are not afraid of some creampie either. As always, the number of videos is not the same as you see on the tour page, it’s actually twice as much. Also, the models’ list is a bit larger, and as you will see, there are lots of “westernized” chicks, with big fake breast and hairless pussy. However, there are not so porn-stary models too: some older Indian ladies are doing the nasty, and there are several models who could fit into the BBW category. These all bring a fine level of diversification to the collection.

The IndianSexHD, as a VideosZ website grants you a collection of non-exclusive porn videos, which are all coming from different studios. You will see here hot chicks doing the nasty, and they will even do the very nasty too. Every video has been shot in semi-professional or professional manners, so we are quite sure that you are going to love to watch them. As a member of the IndianSexHD, you gain access to these shots, and it’s guaranteed that you will love them. Apart from the usual ethnic intercourses (meaning Indians on Indians), there are loads of other, mixed couples and groups.

For example there are scenes which feature Indian chick taking on big Black, or well-hung Caucasian guys. In a few cases, there are triple-mixed threesomes too! Though they are not listed for the IndianSexHD, there are lots of videos which cover kinkier things too: anal sex is just the beginning, there are squiring videos too, and some scenes feature some really intense porn. As far as fetish elements are concerned, aside the squirting, the Indian girls seem to be preferred in creampie videos, which we found a bit strange… but nevertheless, the videos are truly juicy.


The IndianSexHD may not be a huge collection, but considering the niche it represents it can be taken as a strong provider for those who like this kind of porn. The professional Indian porn stars in these scenes are doing a great job, and the videos are getting better or so it seems. With more than 107,000 additional hardcore porn videos at your fingertips, you won’t have a dull moment in the years to come!

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