I remember what it used to be like to spend every night alone, without a person to spend time with me, by my computer, endlessly browsing the internet, sometimes even horny. Eh, those were the sad days, the days before I found out about a site called I Friends. This site has a lot of web camera shows, live, all there to make you feel at ease. With models from all over the globe, male and female alike, you will certainly find yourself a partner to chat with.

Design and Features

This is a simple and really easy to use site, which states its features right at the beginning. A simple combination of the colors blue and white fill that home page of the site, and you can go around and browse the content, without ever stopping to wait for loading, or any other nuisance. The menu bar is straightforward, and its content is easy to access, and loads very quickly. Below it, however, you get to see some of the models on the site, and their profile photos, and you can even open up their profiles. But, before you do a single thing, you must register, as this site has to know that you are of age before you get access to the real deal. This is worth your time, as the registration is free and you can tune in the live sex chat shows at any time. With the content being clearly organized, finding the right model can take only a few seconds, or a bit more if you are the picky type. With no lag to bother you, and the site being every bit accessible on the mobile devices as it is on the desktop ones, you can take your pleasure with you, wherever you go.

Girls and Videos

A huge selection of models is what makes this site really good. You can choose from the chubby girls to the really sexy ones, who resemble athletes and models. If you prefer guys, you have all sorts of them, too, the muscular ones, the regular ones, you typical gay dudes, anything and everything to pick from. The resolution of the cameras and the chats depends completely on the camera that a person has, that one who you are chatting with or watching. Now, there is a special section, reserved for paid members only, one that has those HD videos, the cameras that make those details come to life. Now, for the paying members, there are many things that come that the regular ones don’t get, like the cam to cam sessions. You can have those private sessions with a model that you like, and who knows what might happen after many sessions of hot and interesting playful chatting. You can get access to the models, sorted by region, so that you can find those that you like, no matter where from they might be. With the replays also being available, you can watch previous sessions from the site’s models and enjoy your interesting content, no matter how late to the party you might be. But, those private sessions probably seem the most attractive, as there is a lot to gain from them, new friends and a lot of pleasure.


This site has got me to a state where I was never lonely again. If you ever had such a problem, then I do recommend it to you, as you will never have it again.

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