If you’re reading this, I trust you have a really unique taste of porn, or maybe you just got bored of the average porn and decided to try something new. Well my brothah, you’ve definitely hit the bag with this one. This website Fuckmegrandpa is really one of the best sites when it come to the strange side of porn, and I mean the good kind of strange. If you’re into oldies fucking the hot sweet sexy ladies than this surely won’t disappoint. Uncle Jessie, the star grandpa of the show, is the main man of the site. The amazing thing is, the fact that their age gap is so far from each other, is kinda like one of the reasons to turn its viewers on! It’s kinda weird but it’s true! To be honest, the older man having the time of their lives here in Fuckmegrandpa, even the stars are surprised as well! They actually look like the’re having a great time! Now enough blabber from me and let’s get down to business! What has Fuckmegrandpa has to offer to its thirsting viewers?

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Design and Features

The first thing you’d notice the moment you enter the site, will be the amazing beautiful sexy hot ladies. It’s quite surprising really. For a site who’d have a grandpa fucking these girls, you’d expect a woman who’d be a little older too. But not this one. This one fucks a whole range of girls! The background is colored black but if you look closely, you’ll notice a logo in the background. It’s a freaking handicap logo you’d see on a Comfort room door in a mall! You know? Those signs that says, “this room are for old people only” man this is witty! It’s like telling those guys out there, “I’m old but I don’t give a fuck!” looking at the site’s homepage, it is completely littered with photos of the sweet sexy girls about to get drilled by grandpa here. They are arranged in such a fashion that might seem messy, but still organized in a way. There are also titles and subtitles for the video previews being showed in the homepage. I like the way they permitted the audience to see each girl’s profile here. If you scroll all the way down, you will see an organized set of profiles of the girls who are getting fucked in this site. It’s really quite a sight. You’d be surprised yourself of the number of girls that signed up for this feat. The site’s design is profound and wild. Sure to get your attention going!

Girls and Videos

The girls in this site is are not your average beauties. They really have that sort of glamour that catches your hearts primal rage. They also get to do a lot of stuff with Grandpa Jessie here. From doggies, to jackknifes, from sucking cocks to 69’s. These girls aren’t the type to hold back, which is a big plus point. They’d go wild on any scene at any point! Grandpa too. These girls range from Asian, to redheads, from Hungarians to brits. It’s really crazy just thinking about the range of girls who are willing to fuck an old guy. But don’t belittle uncle Jessie. He may be old but his dick sure haven’t age a day since it grew big. You can even hear the authenticity of the girl’s reactions when uncle Jessie inserts his cone inside those pussies. They also get to fuck in all sorts of places. May it be in a hotel bed room, or right outside a house, or even in some exotic place. Ain’t no mountain high enough for Jessie and his girls. All in all, this site has a whooping number of 500 galleries of videos, high quality, all downloadable with no download limit. That’s a sure is a lot right there. Pictures are arranged in 50 galleries, which contains over 100,000 pictures, and all of this content won’t be having an annoying watermark. Also don’t forget that once you become a member, there’s also 360 plus Gigabytes of bonus video feeds, photos and cams more. Everything has worked out pretty well for uncle Jessie in his site. But what really intrigued me the most is the intensity of their sex scenes, sometimes you’d even forget it was an old guy fucking in there. If there was a record for the oldest guy who fucks the hardest, this guy will surely win the prize! The way he makes those women scream and moan as he bends his cock inside them really turns on the heat in those girls.


Giving this site a bird’s eye view, I’d say they’ve really overdone it. The website’s features and fashion is off the hook. A big turn on for anyone who’d enter their site. Also the free xxx network of porn sites once you become a member is a HUGE benefit if I say so myself. You’ll never grow hungry again. But if you’re still in doubt, just have a visit and look at the girls dude. Man, these girls are like from out of the jungle. They look like they’re ready to pounce at uncle Jessy any time! So before I close this book, I’d say this site may be one of the best porn site there is. No need to go looking for anything else out there. The videos are great, the settings are great, the features and freebies are overwhelming, you’d be crazy not to like it. A word of advice for the somnolent seeker? Search no more! Thanks for taking time to read this review. Hope you enjoyed it!

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