As for the recorded history, a femme fatale is a mysterious women who entangles men into unstable relationships. These ladies have the upper hand and always dictated terms to the ensnared men. So in that case it is absolutely appropriate that the name of the website Femme Fatale films derived its name from this concept. Here is a place where all your wild femdom desires will be fulfilled. One of the striking elements of the website is its alluring design. It is a perfect for the theme of the website and gives you the right taste of classical Hollywood noir genre which is sinister and sex. The lengths of the videos are also long and comprise of loads of intense action (on an average the videos length about 20 minutes give or take). Each of the videos comprise of a rotating cast of sexy mistresses who extract their powers on their subordinates. The videos are not just restricted to one or two action, but there are numerous videos where you will get cock and ball being played with erotically, foot worshipping, hardcore embarrassment and also intense spanking. The girls are very rough in their treatments and will be seen even stuffing their heels on the faces of the men who they are with. Face sitting is also something which you will find in abundance. When I visited the website for the first time, there were a couple of videos which really left me amazed. One video was where a girl was smoking a cigarette and was using the mouth of a man as an ashtray. The other one was where a girl was wearing a police uniform and was using her stick as well as her heels as insertion tools to penetrate her male partners’ ass. Though all the videos appeared to be action filled, watching these videos made me realise that this website is different in terms of the type of porn they render and the intensity of action which they put in each of their materials. The website boasts of having a huge collection of femdom videos. The last time I checked there were about 330+ videos and each of these movies comprised of a picture gallery. The website will give you the option to stream the videos in its already embedded Flash media player or downloading it in quality MP4 formats. The women in the videos are also extremely hot. They have stunning figures but they are also rough in their mannerisms. One thing which you appreciate about the website is that they have managed to collect an awesome collection of costumes and also the settings which they shoot their videos are quite unique and appealing. You may find certain scenes shot in dungeons and the actors supporting a bevy of masks. The website is also well known for its frequent updates. There are numerous websites who also provide good quality contents but when it comes to adding on new contents, they do not give importance to it making it whenever they feel necessary. But this website follows none of that and always makes sure that whenever their clients visit the website, they always find unique and attractive contents to enjoy. The website is a wonderful place for all your femdom needs and if you desire to set up an account of your very own simply refer to the stanzas which decline.

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Design & Features

The website comprises of an appealing design and it corresponds to the theme very nicely. As already stated when you visit the website you get a feeling of that classical Hollywood noir genre which was dominated by sex and sinister. The accessibility of the website is also simple even for one who is not so adept with working over the internet as following the menus or the navigation keys; they can easily browse any part of the website they want. The website is also very compatible with some of the popular operating systems namely windows, android, iOS and etc. enabling you to check out the website and also log into your account using your smart phone. Now about the membership set up. At the top of the home page, you will find a join now option. Just click on that and the website will transport you to where your account set up will take place. With enter the asked information along and selecting your appropriate subscription package, simply submit the request and wait for a notification which the website will send out. If the notification confirms the successful set up of your account, you will be able to access all the updates as well as some of the existing videos which the website comprises of. However, if the notification states vice-versa, then simply repeat the procedures and before submitting the request, double check whether the information is correctly entered or not. The payment of the subscription has to be done with the credit card payment mode. The website also displays some of their popular contents in their home page to let you in about what they deal with and the quality which they keep for their materials.

Girls & Videos

The videos give you some of the most intense femdom action which you will come across. They are hot and involve various kinds of action such as face sitting, anal insertion using sticks or pointy heels, intense spanking, strap-on, girls smoking and using their men’s mouth as astrays, lashing their partners in latex and many more. These girls are also extremely hot and are great performers. They know how to dictate terms and take their partners to the edge of their limits. The videos are great for viewing with clear sounds and awesome picture quality and the same applies for the pictures. These videos can be either enjoyed online by streaming it in the website’s embedded flash player or downloaded straight into your desktop or laptop. The website also gets regular updates and so you do not have to worry about shortage or repetition of contents as you will always find new and unique materials to please yourself.


The website Femme Fatale Films is a great place for enjoying intense femdom action. The action is hardcore and will definitely give you bundles of joy and sexcitement. The packages offered are also good. So if you are planning to set up an account, you have definitely made the right choice.

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