The last time you thought about watching animated shows was probably when your little one decided that everybody in the house will not doze until his favourite cartoon was on tv; however, do you know that as an adult, you can spend time watching animated shows except, unlike your squirt, you will be doing so when you are horny and you need to jack off? Yes, if you are wondering what I am talking about, I am talking about comic porn. That is porn that involves anime characters. Oh yes, they do exist and if you are still doubting, try visiting enchantae. Who doesn’t like to live in a land where there is no care and all that you are required to do is to have fun and fuck? Well, that is what you get when you travel to enchantae through the comic story. In enchantae, you get to meet Priestess Nerita who is ready to grant you all your sexual wishes. You can join her church if you like for, in her church, there are no holy rules; only free fucking. If you have never tried this type of porn before, give it a go and you will find yourself twitching in your chair just from the sheer delight of watching well-drawn characters with their very big butts, firm breasts, and slim waists…and the men? The men are what every woman dreams of but never dares to voice out. They are macho; well built, with dicks that are to die for.

Design & Features

Enchantae’s website is fairly simplistic. No web pages with too many pictures of people fucking and sucking cock as you find in the conventional porn sites. Here, you get pictures but there is no overcrowding. The idea is to convey a message and possibly a feeling of sexual desire as subtly as possible. The menu tabs are arranged on the left-hand corner of the page with a font that is hard to miss. The sky blue and white background color of the website gives it a comic but serious appearance. Some interesting tabs on the menu include: download tab, where it is possible to download wallpapers of the characters in the story; the commission tab, opens to a page where it is possible to by pin-ups of your favorite character. While much about the story cannot be accessed with a visitor status, the free preview gives visitors a few scenes from the story to help them make up their minds about deciding to become a member. In all, navigating through the site is very easy as each page has a back tab at the bottom right-hand corner. Some pages have a tab for an index which takes the user back to the homepage. On the home page, a visitor can easily know the last date as when the site was last updated and the expected date for the next update. These dates are clearly displayed on the top of the page.

Girls & Videos

To whoever said “sexy” was meant for human beings, Enchantae will prove you wrong by bringing you some of the sexiest characters you are yet to encounter in porn. The women are sexy and the men are simply darn well gorgeous. Take for example the Priestess of Anoa herself who is at the head of the sex church. While she helps her faithful to get what they want in terms of sex, she is also a sex goddess with her well-shaped breasts and figure-eighth shape. Then there is Peka who may be the hand of the Priestess, but she, too, knows a thing or two about fucking real hard. She really strikes some interesting poses and the look on her face is enough to tell you what is going on in her mind as her pussy is being pounded to satisfaction. Talking about the story and how it unfolds, the writers decided to go for a subtle approach. It is all about building sexual fantasy to a boiling point. It would appear that the idea of the script writers was not to get viewers hot and wet instantly, but instead, it appears they aimed to help build the viewers arousal until it reached a crescendo. This is exactly what they always succeed to do. While it is a porn site, the visuals are not out rightly porn in nature. Of course, there are scenes where a lot of fucking and sucking is going on, however, the story stirs the viewers’ desires through the scantily clad chicks and the dirty talking. As you start the story, it may seem like any other story you will expect Meanwhile, it will be hard to miss the naked women with pointed breasts and men with a cock in hand. Even in scenes where there is really no sexual act taking place, there is still some sexual undertone. Then when it comes to fuck scenes, they are really easy to stir you up. There is this scene of Peka telling a man that she is his personal imp and will be only too happy to help the man with the bulge in his pants. Talking about the bulge, that was some gorgeous dick he had there. Peka willingly goes on her knees and takes the dick in her mouth. She sucks the dick until the man fills her mouth with cum. The sight of some of that cum dripping will make you itch to join in the action.


Enchantae is one comic porn site that aims to give its members the best. The storyline is very clear and easy to follow. Even as you follow the story, you will be able to reach orgasm without trying very hard. But for this to happen, you need to become a member on the site for only few dollars. If you just want a one-off experience, you can buy a DVD of volume one of Enchantae story that is made up of 33 episodes.

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