The website which is going to be our main focus is the Diva Foot Fetish. The site is the lair of a sexy and spoiled diva that will make you appreciate how sexy and enchanting foot can be. The name of the chick is Princess Cleo and as said she is the main attraction of the site. She will bring to you some of her top notch videos. Her movies will make you worship her stockings and clad legs and also kiss her high arches. This website is an exclusive part of the Piedi Web and is one of the most favored foot fetish portals in Italy. Today I am going to take you inside this site and make you experience a full scoop of this dominant foot chick. This chick is beautiful, she is hauntingly erotic and is completely European. She has a stunning figure, a superb face and killer legs.

Her curves, her class, her taste and also her dominating nature will definitely give you the titillation which you are looking for. She will turn you into her subordinate. If you have a thing for foot fetish accompanied by some femdom touch, then this is a site which you simple cannot afford to miss. Oh, Powerful women with sexy legs, can anything be more captivating, mesmerizing and disarming? We don’t think so! The site supports our view and when you enter into the home page, you will find that there are plenty of fresh and unseen content to thrive on. The site exploits the decadents of this sizzling bombshell and it is guarantee that the more you see of her, the more you will want her. She has dark and mysterious appeal, plus the kind of costumes which she supports in each of the videos; you will definitely fall in love with this chick and her talents. She is also a complete bitch and using her mesmerizing legs, you will get the arousal of a life time.

The tour is glamorous and there are plenty of video previews which you get to access as soon as you step into the main page. There is also some information about this hot lady which you can refer to. The site is also good in terms of streaming videos as well as downloading them. The updates are constant, but there is nothing stated about it as it is this diva who decides what you will get and when you will get. Let us go deep into the core elements of the site and know some more facts about what makes the site so popular among porn browsers. So keep on reading the remainder of the review.

Popular porn pay site for foot fetish lovers.

Design and Features

Everything about the website is eccentric. On your first visit, you will definitely love the stunning picture of this sexy diva displaying her long and sensuous legs. The menus are clearly displayed below that pic and using that you can check out any part of the site without any hassle. The site offers you a free tour just to make you aware about the content and the content provider. Plus you can also check out the about me section as well as the blog section to know more about this site as well as this diva. The site is also superb in its navigation and responds quickly to your every move or click.

Right below the navigation options, there are some of the latest previews accompanied by pictures and a description to fill you in. With that there is also a hyperlink which on clicking will take you the page which contains that particular video and pics related to that. All the previews can be run at just a single click and the impressive streaming speed of the site enables the previews to run smoothly without much buffering. The previews are great way to check out the quality of the site if say you are not so sure about setting up an account.

The membership steps are simple and all you have to do is click on the join now section and fill in the details. The details involve your name and your name and with that you will also have to select a username and a password. The subscriptions are cost-effective and selecting one among their stack you will have to send out the request. The positive confirmation of the account will give you the freedom to check out the materials as well as download and stream the videos without any issues. The details provided are also properly protected owing to the sound security of the site and as per the rules; you will have to pay out the subscriptions using the CC mode as well as the cheque mode. If you have any issues regarding your payment as well as your account you can refer to them and get it sorted. The only issue is that there is no information about when the updates are going to take place. But as per the members they have stated that they do take place frequently.

Girls and Videos

The site is run by one hot Diva Princess Cleo and hence all the videos will feature this hot bodacious chick steaming up the action with her body and more importantly with her sultry feet. Yes folks, those legs look yummy and kissable and the way she uses them, you will get a hard on soon. She will also be seen supporting sexy lingerie and two piece attires and considering the figure she has, she is just too much to resist. From stockings, to high heels to panty hose, socks you will find videos of utmost intensity. There are about 19+ videos and about 60+ galleries to check out. The videos are in 1080p HD formats and can be downloaded in Mp4 as well as WMV formats. They are also streamed online in HD formats. The same can be said for the pictures. Options are available for downloading them as zip files and also watching them as slide shows online.


Diva Foot Fetish offers footage having feet, stockings, nylon, high heels and also socks. It is worn by a powerful lady and the things which she does are steamy and extremely arousing. Simply get entry and enjoy this European mistress display her talent in superb HD formats.

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