There is a lot of porn out there, but unfortunately a lot of it is the sort of porn that most people would really not want to be involved in. This is for the simple reason that the porn on most sites is so utterly fake that you are not going to want to watch it at all. Not only is the porn on these sites fake, it is obviously so, to the point where you are just not going to want to watch it because the loud screams and obnoxious noises will completely destroy your boner.

There are a lot of sites that pride themselves on providing realism as well. These sites maybe alright for some, but the problem is that amateur videos such as the ones that are displayed on these sites are a niche genre, and most people are not going to like their low quality. Besides, when you are watching porn you are not really going to want to watch something that is so close to real life. No, you are going to want to watch something that is a bit more exciting, something that is a little fantastical so that it can provide you with an escape route from the drudgery of your day to day life.

There is a site that provides you with this sort of thing, and it is called CzechOrgasm. This is one of the finest sites out there because it shows you videos of girls having real orgasms and it does so with a professional set up as well. You get the best of both worlds on this site, and in order to prove that this is a site that is truly worthy of your time I am going to review the various aspects of the site in order to determine whether it is worth your money or not.

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Design and Features

The design of the website cannot be described in simple words, but in this review, we are attempting to do this. As soon as you enter the site you are going to be struck by just how beautiful the shades of grey in the background are. Grey is an odd choice for a porn site since a lot of people view it to be some kind of boring color, but these people just don’t know about the effect that color can have on the human mind. The creators of this site knew that grey is not a boring color, it is a sophisticated color, especially the shade of slate grey that was available on this site in the background.

Color is an important part of the ambience of any porn site, and ambience ends up deciding whether you are going to be able to truly enjoy the porn video you are watching or not. It’s important to note that although the site is monochromatic to an extent, an excellent use of shading has resulted in the site looking truly phenomenal to the point where you will be astounded by just how classy it looks.

The layout of the site is quite good too, because you are provided with a selection of videos to choose from. The website has a high standard of content, so anything that you are shown on the front page is going to allow you to jerk off to your maximum potential for sure. This is important because your jerk off session probably came at the end of a very long and very tiring day, and this site allows you to enjoy it without having to worry about anything else at all thanks to the beauty of its layout.

While the design of the website is definitely a turn-on for you to continue watching the videos, you will definitely be interested in the affordability of the site. You can be rest assured that this site is among the most affordable sites on the internet today. There are three levels of subscription, 1, 3 or 6 months, and do I need to tell you more. The 6-month subscription is the cheapest in the long run, and you are sure to opt for this after you are through with the free tour.

Girls and Videos

The girls in these videos are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful that you are going to find on the internet, and the reason for this is simple. The girls on these videos are completely natural. You are not going to find any surgically altered girls here, and anyone that has been watching porn for a long time would know just how frustrating it is to be watching porn only for the girl to get on all fours and you can see the ugly sag that results from her breasts being fake.

Tits, asses, lips, everything on this site is completely natural, but that is not the only aspect of the site that is completely real. So many sites out there claim to have porn in which the girl comes, and most guys really enjoy watching a girl convulsing because of a powerful orgasm. It is truly one of the most erotic things that anyone can experience. However, most porn sites do not have porn that is genuine and real. The girls scream but their screams are fake, you can tell just how much they are acting easily and this really takes you out of your mood.

The girls on this site have real orgasms, and you can tell because they give these orgasms to themselves. They are fingering and touching themselves with no one else involved, which is key because this means that they do not have a fellow actor to buffer them in any way. No, they are going to have to work things out one their own, and this results in some of the most realistic porn that you are ever going to watch.


This site is highly recommended for subscription, simply because it is like no other site that you are going to be able to find out there. The quality of the porn is so high that you are never going to get bored, the site has been laid out in a very sophisticated manner, and to top it all, it has one of the most affordable subscription rates that you are ever going to be able to find.

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