ButterLoads is one of those hot gay sites that are all about taking things to a whole new level as far as erotica is concerned. And the end result is usually some hot, high-quality gay interviews cum sex that will leave your jaws on the floor, literally.

The interviewer happens to have a remarkably huge and delicious cock. And you will most certainly have the opportunity to enjoy seeing just how skilled the interviewees are when it comes to sucking or fucking him. After each fuck, the interviewer with the huge cock always sprays his cum all over their faces or bottoms, which usually looks like an impressive work of art.

The design of ButterLoads also makes sure that the site is clean and well organized. That way, finding the exact sex videos is remarkably easy. You will most certainly have the opportunity to sit tight and pick from a wide variety of hot gay bottoms and get to enjoy it while you are at it. Expect some cool features in here that will most certainly help you get ahead and finding all of these hot videos with so much ease.

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Design and Features

A lot of erotic fucking, sucking and cumming is what characterizes ButterLoads. And so you will always find your way without having to work too hard, thanks to its remarkably simple design. And the simple design is coupled with some convenient features that will most certainly blow your mind away.

On the site, there is the section that is dedicated to the latest videos. And so if you want to see the latest video with these fresh-faced gay bottoms, all you need to do is just checking on this section. I really loved one of these latest videos where a cute gay interviewee takes his huge, already hardened cock out of his pants as instructed. And then they proceed to masturbate until they cum, for your own personal viewing pleasure.

A searching tool is also made available to all of the members of ButterLoads. This keyword sensitive feature will make your searching easy since with the right keywords, you will always get your hands on the videos and photos that you want with haste.

Boys and Videos

ButterLoads, I have to admit, did make me horny despite the fact that I am not that into gay porn. And that just goes a long way to showing you how much erotic fun is in for you once you have signed up. All of these amateurish guys who pop up for an interview with the hope of becoming the next best thing are usually hot and work hard. And the end result is usually some warm, gooey cum dripping from their handsome faces and assholes.

The interviewer is a veteran. And so expect nothing less from him as far as the hardcore fucking is concerned. I totally loved the size of his huge, veiny cock and quite frankly, he does have an amazing load of cum that he always splashed all over his handsome interviewees.

Each of these guys has a totally different personality as well as the look and the setting is usually in the same place. The fucking is usually intense, and judging from the moaning and rubbing and touching, you can clearly tell that they are both having the time of their lives.

And so if you are into huge cocks, hairy butts and thighs and cute guys, then this is most certainly the place that you must visit. And once you have signed up and got to check out a couple of the videos in here, then you will realize just how much you have been missing out on.

The quality of these titillating behind the scenes videos is top notch. And that is why everyone who is a member of ButterLoads has nothing but the best things to say about this site. I loved virtually everything about the quality as well as the information I found on each video. The titles are written in red just below the video, and then there is a description below the title.

You should also expect the sex being shot in POV, which will feel as though you are the one who is doing the hardcore fucking or having your huge, badass cock being sucked dry of its juice. There are close to 900 high-quality videos in here across the network for you to enjoy. And so make sure that you are doing so pronto!


ButterLoads is the ultimate gay site with a unique theme, which does work for it. For the umpteenth time, the site is very easy to navigate through, which is the also one of the reason as to why I loved it. And on top of everything else, there were some hot features that when you add to the simplicity, you will always have a blast enjoying this site over and over again.

I loved the way the interviewer juggles his tasks between fucking, interviewing, shooting and most importantly, ejaculating so dramatically. ButterLoads will most certainly give you that feeling as though you are the one who is doing the fucking because all of the videos are shot from your point of view.

A lot of cum gets poured in here, which should most definitely get you as excited. I totally loved how sensual, hot and raw the sex was. And in the end, everyone seemed very satisfied. The guys in here, the interviewees were all very hot. I appreciate their cock sucking skills and just how hot and submissive they were, especially when they had sticky cum dripping down from their faces after a sensual blowjob.

And so for the love of hairy assholes and thighs, tight assholes, and remarkably hot bottoms, I would recommend that you sign up today. And once you have done so, all I can do is assure you of nothing but the hottest gay sex in an incredibly unique setting.

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