How often have to hit a check point and suddenly gotten an urge to fuck someone who is making sure that you are not an anti-social or a terrorist. Well I certainly haven’t but you will be pleased as well as bit surprised to know that there is a website named Border Patrol Sex which focuses on this particular niche. It does sound strange, we know, but considering that you spend all day trying to hunt down some of the best porn action on the globe and even after coming across quite some interesting ideas and concepts, but still not something which suffices the porn lover inside you, this concept is certainly welcoming. However the uniformed actions which take place on the border lines are captured in superb HD formats.

There are plenty of videos which you can enjoy and each of them have ample close up shots as well as clear audio quality which will give you something to ravish. The future of the website was once in the balance as because the US government was severely annoyed at what was shown to the whole world, but now such issues have been sorted out and thanks god for that as if it was not so, then you probably would have missed on a fair number of erotic content. I will be honest enough to admit that I have browsed through plenty of porn websites and also have come across some of the most unique concepts ever presented, but the exclusivity of the content blew my mind off. I can stick my neck out and say that such a concept has never been dealt with.

The main theme is some hot amateur chicks trying to get from point A to B and the only thing which is in between them and their destinations are these uniformed soldiers. The site offers an introductory with a niche which is worthy of deep exploration. The updates are promised to take place on weekly basis and hence setting up a membership guarantees you wonderful erotic videos. The site is new in the porn world and comprises of just 13+ videos and pictures to thrive on. They are both downloaded as well as streamed using the flash player of the site. The duration of the videos is also approximately about 30 minutes or so giving you plenty of time to masturbate with.

Also the download speed as well as the streaming videos is quite impressive and making use of that, you will be able to watch the videos online as well as offline in splendid manner. The subscriptions are easy to afford and the pages are also easy to access. In fact let us check out some of those technical aspects of the site namely the navigation, the responsiveness with some of the renowned operating mobile phones in the market, the security, as well as the steps to set up an affiliation here. So keep on reading the following portion of the site as the fun is yet to be over.

Design & Features

The design is simple and has a white background. There are plenty of thumb nail presentations which you will find in the home page and just by clicking on them, you can watch the quality which is provided by the site. The picture as well as the sound quality appear to be great and will give you an idea about the quality which the site follows. The site is smooth in its accessibility and using all the menu options which are present at the head of the home page, you can check out any given part of the site without any issues. The quality which is followed in 1280x1080p HD formats! The duration is also sufficient for your titillation, but in order to watch them completely, you will to apply for an affiliation.

The steps are fairly easy and all you have to do is enter your name, your email and also your age and with that select a username and a password which you will use every time you enter into your account. The rate of subscriptions are given on the same page and opting the one which proves to be friendly for your pockets, hit the submit option. A positive response will bring with, it liberty to access all the various content of the site. The imbursement of your package has to be carried out using your credit as well as debit cards. However if you desire to pay off the subscriptions using cheque, the site permits that too.

There is also a wonderful customer care help line which you can always count on for assisting you in solving your issues regarding your latest payment as well as your account. The details which you have given will be properly protected properly owing to the adequate security system of the site. Plus the site carries out its dealings as per the laws of the country and also it is free of any such malware activities. You can also be sure that the content is constantly updated guaranteeing new and explicit materials on your every log in.

Girls & Videos

The girls are hot but they are not professional chicks. Rather they are amateur girls who are seeking passage to a different location. In order to get to the other side, they get into an accord with the soldiers who fuck them out into the open as hard as they can. These girls all appear to have ineffable figures and when they are thrusted they too seem to be actively participating with the uniformed men. The age of the girls are mostly in between 19-28 years of age and watching in the videos will definitely bring a wide smile upon your faces.

The videos are downloaded in MP4, WMV, AVI as well as MOV formats and follow a resolution of about 1080p HD with some of the videos even reaching up to 1280x1080p HD. They are also watchable online as flash files. The pictures are as stunning as the videos and even birth marks of difficult to see tattoos are also clearly visible. They can be also watched online as slide shows as well as downloaded together in zip files.


Hence we can finally say that this site does live up the promises made. They present a concept which is quite unique and setting an account here will give you good value for money. This site does not exist anymore, we suggest you to visit our list of pay porn sites.