BDSM Bf Videos is your sure stop for that kinky gay sex entertainment you’ve been yearning for. There is an impressive variety of BDSM stunts that will stun and entertain you at the same time. You are treated to spanking scenes, gagging, blindfolds, nipple play and some softer BDSM performances. Buckle up to see dudes’ balls tied and tethered as the masters watch with relish and glee.

Design and Features

BDSM Bf Videos presents an impressive background color combination; with a dominant snow-white in most of the background spaces. There are several ways that you can get around the content presented on the platform. There is a list of categories that highlights the services available. You can also search for movies with the elaborate search tool provided on the top pane. The home page is splashed with several screenshots of the movies. I could check out the crisp clear videos with my mobile phone. The loading is fast and impressive. Users can stream and download as much as they wish. You also get to view sessions that feature dudes with large sumptuous uncut cocks. The variety is staggered and spreads into much softer sex content.

The videos are great HD quality stuff that you will love to keep watching for hours on end. The content is derived from DVDs. Some of the content provided is exclusive too. You are treated to many flicks that feature the classic BDSM content with slaves tied up on objects in outdoor and indoor locations. There is spanking, leashing and masking. If you love your subscription coming with bonuses, you are given free access to a range of bonus sites on 429 members Network. The content is updated on weekly basis so that you are kept entertained with something new before you get bored with the older videos. Users can resize videos to their preferred sizes in the browser. You can check out the content as much as you wish; once you subscribe to their membership.

Boys and Videos

You meet gorgeous and daring sexy models on BDSM Bf Videos. The videos provide a variety of entertainment. The models are impressively submissive. Apart from the overrunning BDSM theme; you are presented with a great variety of raunchy sex action too. The models are screwed in their assholes in smoking hot sex encounters. If you are ticked by deep hard BDSM, you are presented with scenes that will get you stirred and entertained to the max. I loved the scenes in which the gay models are tied with ropes; with their hands held behind their backs so that they are completely helpless. They can be seen lying prostrate on the floor as their masters derive pleasure. These scenes are particularly great to watch because the slaves show an impressive sense of willingness to be subjected to these treatments.

You have sufficient content to savor here. While the primary site comes with over 192 videos, you have a whopping over 5900 flicks as a combined figure from the affiliated networks on 429 Members Network. The videos are presented in high-quality MP4 and Flash Player formats. If you enjoy your content in still photos, you have 5 galleries to visit. Each of them has up to 25 photos in high res specs. The only qualm I had concerns the presence of numerous ads that often interrupt your tour and exploration of BDSM Bf Videos.


Bdsm Bf Videos has an impressive set of BDSM fetish. The content has been made in such a way that BDSM fans are entertained to satisfaction.

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