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Prior to being able to appreciate this site, you will have to know what MILFs are. There are some different descriptions, but the most common one is that MILFs are an acronym for Mothers I’d Like to Fuck. Either way, a MILF is also usually damn good looking, and her figure may very well be close to perfect even though she has had a baby. Many say that a MILF should be between 40 and 50 years old, but that is open for discussion for sure.
Must comment on the advertising of the site the minute you open the page. They say words to the effect that the women that you will see are exotic as well as submissive. Granted, that is the perception that most of us have of Japanese women. Then it goes on to say that she will be charming, as well as delicate and graceful. Again, that is the image most of us have of Japanese women, thus so far they are batting a hundred!
Next they ask if ever you have ever seen every one of these traits in one single woman? Once more a Japanese woman comes to mind. Thus, they are correct all the way. Next they do a bit of salesmanship telling us that they have a database of over 150 exclusive scenes for us to look over and that these scenes feature the greatest attractive pornstars from Japan. They then tell us that we will fall in love with their girls, and truly after considering what we feel about Japanese girls, we don’t doubt that one bit.
Thus, now that you know what MILFs are and the fact that they are going to be Japanese MILFs, you are completely prepared for us to go to this site. However, before we enter, we need to click that we are adults for seeing this kind of adult porn. We also note that they are showing the RTA sign. RTA stands for Restricted To Adults, and thus it tells parents that they are working hand in hand with site filtering devices that the parents can affix to their PCs and laptops that will work to keep non-adults off this and other similar adult sites.

Going within the Site

MILFs In Japan is filled with absolutely serene and gorgeous Japanese women who first seem to be guileless and innocent, but when the males come calling, they turn into incredibly sex-hungry vixens. You will see them suck cocks like nobody’s business, masturbating their adorable diminutive pussies, and that’s after they strip and behave as if they are starved for sex. As said innocent looking at first, and then you suddenly are faced with the fact that they have lots of experience in doing whatever they are doing. Thus, we feel as if this particular Japanese MILF site absolutely will bring you loads of what you came to see! There is one thing for sure, and that is that these gals may be slightly older than the innocent darlings often shown in Japanese porn, but they have not lost their sex appeal.
As if all that is not enough, once in a while they get away from the hardcore to bring you some of the neatest masturbation videos you have ever seen. And then too you will even see some great lesbian action as well. The mixture of the content is something that we enjoyed. After all even when sex is concerned repetition is not a good thing because even this sex stuff can get boring sometimes. We must say that we appreciated the variety.
Speaking of variety, a Japanese site would not be complete without some bukkake now would it? Well, no problem because they have indeed slipped in some amazing bukkake scenes that will make you grin and at the same time get hard as a rock. Just wait until you see this!
Also, you will find that once in a while they slip in some “specialty” stuff. For example, there is a foot job that will top any foot job you have ever seen. In another video, you will see some Japanese BDSM taking place too.

This Site Brought to You By

Kind of sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it? Kind of like what you used to hear on TV, but this time it’s not a commercial that you will dislike at all. In fact, this plays quite in your favor in more ways than one. First of all you need to know that the Erito Network owns MILFs In Japan, and just for grins we want to tell you that Erito means elite in Japanese.
With just the one membership to MILFs In Japan, you will be allowed to enter all of their three other sites. These are rather extensive and also are of the same high quality that you encountered in MILFs In Japan. These are the titles of their other sites: TeensOfTokyo, Cosplay in Japan, and also Erito AV Stars. Also, something else, you see in any of their sites you will be able to access live cams, and thus you will be able actually to chat with absolutely beautiful Japanese girls. Also, once you join you will receive free mobile access. That means that you will be able to watch all this Japanese porn anywhere you wish.

The Nitty Gritty

We are down to the nitty gritty…the cost. You will be most happy to hear that you can have an extraordinary two-day trial of this site for only a buck! Yep, that’s $1.00. Meanwhile, perhaps you prefer a month. OK, that’s only $29.99 per month. Some people prefer to have a bit more time to judge fully a good site like this, and thus they want 3 mos. Sure, that will be $19.99/m. Then there is a year, 12 months total for the low cost of $9.99 per month!

This site does not exist anymore, check out this top MILF porn sites guide

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