This site makes the fantasy real with one man surrounded by twenty, thirty or even forty hot Czech women, which means you get as much, if not more, girl-on-girl sex as sex between the lucky man and the few women he is able to get around to. Still, that means plenty of all those sexy activities that keep us all coming back for more.
The site’s movies are shot indoors so the camera work and lighting is much better than the dark, hand held, footage you often get on amateur sites. As the site and filming are all from central Europe, most of the girls are too and the movies of course are in Czech. Still, these aren’t movies with a plot and character development; it’s the sex and the interesting concepts behind each site that makes these videos so hot.
Joining Czech Harem gets you access to the other twenty-six sites of the Czech AV network brought to you from the Czech Republic and its horny men and women. All the sites bring you amateur action, including user-submitted sex movies from cute Czech Couples, but with high quality filming almost of the kind you’d expect to see on a professional site. The network has about 1300 cute girls on its sites and updates at least one site every day so your membership won’t grow stale.

Design and Features

In common with other Czech AV sites, Czech Harem’s Home page is straightforwardly laid out without much text and the ‘heavy lifting’ being done by an introductory movie trailer and rows of explicit images that pretty well fill the space. If you’re a member, the photos link to the videos in the site. If you’re not a member, only the introductory clip is ‘live’.
Czech AV has a number of sites that are fairly unusual for porn sites on the web and this one, Czech Harem, is one of them. There are professional sites where one man has sex with multiple women but it’s generally in the ones and twos rather than twenty or more, which makes this a one-of-a-kind site. Its nearest equivalents are the one-man-two-women sites and the Lesbian lovers sites, neither of which quite capture the essence of this one. It really is unusual to have a single man getting around as many women as he can in a room full of women fondling, fingering, licking, sucking, and kissing each other.
The sites products are streamed movies, downloadable videos, and photosets from the various movies and they’re available every day of the year, delivered hot and steaming into your home by way of your desktop or laptop. Like many membership only sites, Czech Harem doesn’t carry irritating advertisements and your membership covers everything you see. They have Customer Support as well so you should never be kept out of the Sultan’s tent at Czech Harem for long.
For me, the thing that persuades me to choose Czech Harem is the access to all Czech AV network sites because the variety of sexual situations and the hundreds of horny women they have available are as good as you’ll find anywhere on the web. Sites like Czech Pool, where underwater cameras allow us to look in on skinny-dipping women having sex beneath the waves, Czech Parties, where beautiful models and amateurs let their inhibitions go once the party gets going, or Czech Mega Swingers, where swinging couples exchange partners to have sex, without even leaving the room.

Girls and Videos

Czech Harem is a site that covers off two different sexy erotic categories, one-man-multiple-girls and also the girl-on-girl, Lesbian, niche. That doesn’t mean quality is compromised; it does both genres as well as, and better than, most of the sites that specialize in one or the other. The Czechs do seem to have developed a talent for erotic movies that encourages hundreds of attractive women to take part in them. What you get in all their movies are a plethora of horny European girls working their butts off to bring their audience a realistic if unusual sexual experience. There are no professional pornstars in the movies, not yet anyhow, just lovely local ladies with hot bodies showing everything from big boobs to pert tits, bodacious booties to tight tushes, and shaved or natural pussies. Whatever your tastes in white women, you’ll find it here.
Czech Harem is up to Harem number 7 with each of the movies being divided up into at least three parts ranging from about ten minutes to twenty minutes of incredible busy action as the twenty or more ladies go at each other with horny abandon while the single male plows a lonely furrow, jumping from woman to woman trying to satisfy as many as he can before his energy gives out. When he’s screwing the women he does get to, others are presenting him their pussies to lick and yet others their tits for him to fondle. He’s rarely working on just one woman; it’s almost always two or more. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.


If girl-on-girl action is what makes your heart beat faster then this is a site you need to check out. While the guy-gal action is stimulating and varied, the fact there are 20+ women who are pleasuring themselves and each other while they wait their turn with him means it’s very much a site for lovers of lesbian sex, perhaps even more so than for those who want to explore their harem fantasies. Still, this is probably the only site on the web that realistically portrays a night in the Sultan’s harem so it’s worth supporting.
Along with the two different sexual fantasies going on here, you get access to Czech AV’s entire network of sites when you join Czech Harem and that really is good value. This site and network are good value so why wait, join and start enjoying love, life and sex in a foreign land.

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