Czech Casting is one of the Czech AV network’s twenty-seven porn sites. Each site has a different theme and Czech Casting is the one focused on the infamous ‘casting couch’ of days gone by. I don’t know how many of the old stories were true but on this site all the girls put out to get a starring role in the erotic movie world. The good old days may have had their moments but the modern Internet movie world has whole lifetimes of such moments and I for one am glad of it.
The site’s girls are amateurs, though gifted ones, and the movies are unscripted or rehearsed, which gives them the authentic feel you’d expect of watching real people having real sex rather than acting as if they were. As well, the site’s content is exclusive so you’re unlikely to see it anywhere else and their ideas are pretty fresh too, which makes for some unusual behaviors.
You join Czech Casting by signing up for Czech AV network with its 27 erotic sites and membership also gives you unlimited downloads of their movies – there are no extras that must be bought once you sign up. The network provides updates every day, some in HD-like quality but most in good quality amateur footage that are lit well enough to be sure you see everything you want to see. Czech Casting’s girls are mainly women from central Europe, so lots of blondes and creamy complexions, though there are plenty of other lovelies on show too.

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Design and Features

The Czech Casting site Home page has an introductory video and a thumbnail gallery of 30 girls you’ll find on the site. The page also has a menu that takes you to 45 other pages, each with another 30 girls you’ll be enjoying if you join Czech Casting. The thumbnails switch between a front and rear view as you hover your cursor over the photos. When you become a member, you get instant access to the girl’s interview and audition where they are put through their paces to test their suitability for work in the porn industry. The page is simple to understand and use and, because the site is funded by membership, there are no annoying ads to be seen.
As this isn’t a hugely professional site, the content comes to you only through streamed movies, downloaded videos and still images, which are more than adequate for most people’s needs. They do, however, have social media pages too where you can have some interaction with the stars and makers of the movies.
While amateur sex sites have become common on the web, Czech Casting’s theme gives it an edge. New girls trying out for a career in porn showing what they’re willing to do to get hired takes it a bit out of the ordinary. An advantage of the Czech AV sites is they clearly use movie photographers whenever they can so the lighting is great and the details aren’t lost in shadow. The advantage of user-submitted material is the feel of it and we get that too on the network’s sites because much of their content comes from outdoor, unstaged events that need handheld cameras. Czech AV gives us the best of both worlds, is what I’m trying to say.

Girls and Videos

The over 1300 girls of Czech Casting are for the most part cute central European amateur chicks, with some sweet Asian and Ebony girls too, who just love sex. They come in all the normal shapes and sizes real women do so you won’t have any trouble finding favorites to follow. And you can follow their exploits all day and every one of the year’s 365 days from the computer in your home. Don’t try it from outside, as this is raunchy stuff.
The girls of Czech Casting take their sex straight, though they also like to play with themselves to get the Director up to scratch. Being in the Director’s Casting Office, the location is Spartan, hard desks and chairs, bare walls and floors, are the décor of choice but it’s enough for the ladies to spread their legs and win themselves a step up in the movie world. If sex on or over a desk, or chair, or on the floor or against the wall is among your desires, well this is how it’s done.
If the only site was Czech Casting your interest may flag over time but, as you have access to the complete network with its sites like Gangbang, Massage, Supermodels (all of which are self-explanatory), Amateurs (where couples send in their own homemade sex tapes), Taxi (where horny women swap sexual favors for the cab fare), or Estrogenlit (where women take a Viagra-type pill and become so hot they can’t control themselves), you are never going to reach that point.
The wide range of niches Czech AV provides includes some sites for those who like it rough but not too rough, as so many commercial sites unfortunately do. As these are willing amateurs, the network’s edgy sites, like Gangbang, Fantasy, and Dungeon, provide a safe place on the web where you can set your dark side free once in a while knowing nothing too bad is going to suddenly appear on your screen. If this is a genre you’ve ever wanted to explore but were too afraid to ask, this is your chance.


Nearly 1400 girl-next-door cuties ready to show us all they have and how they would use it if we were ever fortunate enough to be private with them is almost too much good fortune for any man. I’m a big fan of amateur sites, and amateur girls, so these Czech sites are a great find for me. If you’re a fan too, check them out. I know you won’t be disappointed because the Czech AV sites have the kinds of girls you could know doing daringly different sexual activities.
Great girls, great ideas, and great sex, all in unscripted reality-style movies brought to your home daily. Who could ask for anything more? Join and check them out.

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