The 18Tokyo’s videos will satisfy those people, who like two things: fresh chicks and Japanese girls, because here you can find the combination of these popular things. The site offers high quality, hard sex and gorgeous models, and a large amount of bonuses included, so it’s just necessary to take a closer look at these promises. This site is a rather new one, it was launched in 2010, and five years online is a great feat, but the best thing is that the site is being updated regularly since the launch, and its collection has grown pretty large by now. The update schedule is really frequent, it seems to be on a daily basis, though the daily updates are usually network-wide, but this piece of heaven also gets its fair share of videos. Since the network has been mentioned, it requires a quick clarification. The 18Tokyo is part of the AllJapanesePass network, which provides the eager audience with authentic (and in a few cases censored) Japanese porn movies. There are videos that were produced for export, while others were meant to be published only in Japan. The AllJapanesePass consists of 15 niche-driven websites, that offers you a large number of videos and a very wide range of porn niches covered, including some of those that are considered heavy hardcore, and a bit of kinky or something of a taboo. When you become a member of 18Tokyo, you gain access to all other network sites, and you can browse the videos of them easily from one members’ area. All sites within the network feature Japanese girls, mostly Japanese AV Idols, who are very eager to show what they are capable of. There are girls with big tits; you can enjoy gangbang scenes and also heavier things like anal sex or BDSM. The network offers high quality videos and regular updates, so get ready for the infinite flow hardcore Japanese porn. It’s somewhat hard to detect whether the videos on 18Tokyo are exclusive or not. It might be the best to assume that it’s fifty-fifty, and there are original videos that were meant for this site, while there are lots of scenes from already published and in-circulation Japanese porn DVDs. The members’ zone won’t bother you with too many advertisements, and those that you can find in there are not placed between the videos’ thumbnail, so they won’t ruin the experience.

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Design & Features

The tour page of the 18Tokyo is simple, and it’s just a teaser site, where you can get yourself turned on and you may get some information about what you can expect from this site. The choice of color is a bit stereotypic, because all sites featuring fresh, barely adult girls are using pink as a main color. The layout of the tour page is easy to follow. Under the heading there is a menu, where you can login, browse the models’ list and take a look at the network sites. Looking into the models’ database is something you should really do, if you are not convinced yet, since though you can only view the list where the girls are represented by one photo, they look so amazing, that when you get to the end of this list, you will be stone-hard and you will want to join. After registering you will land in the members’ zone, which is a central hub where you can reach the videos from throughout the network. There is a search engine built-in, and there are also categories tags in use. The site has a main menu, which you can use to get to the videos’ list, browse the latest updates, the network sites, and the live cams. You may change the site you wish to browse with one click. The videos are streamed in Flash-video format, and naturally, a Flash-based player is used to view it. Watching these videos online is a good choice for those want to get into the middle of the action as soon as possible. The download speed (and the streaming speed) is pretty fast, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this option. The videos are usually available in MP4 format, and where it’s available, you may save them in HD or even in Full-HD resolutions. The movies are all published with a set of pictures (photos and video captions). The 18Tokyo doesn’t have a mobile page, but the main site of the network, the AllJapanesePass is optimized, so the members’ zone is also mobile ready.

Girls & Videos

All chicks in these flicks are fresh Japanese AV Idols, who are still trying their wings. The girls are mostly semi-professionals, and they try to find their place in the Japanese adult video industry, which is much bigger than you would think. All of the models in the videos are looking amazing, and if you opened the models’ list, you can see that some of them have nice round boobs (though it’s evident that they are fakes) and so tight body, that you could wrap your palms around their waist, and your fingertips should touch. The videos are all scripted, though some are made to look like as hidden camera footage. What happens in the scenes is exciting. These girls look amazing in HD, and what they do something you would like very much if they were doing them with you. You can find more than 600 videos on the 18Tokyo, and each of them has a length between 20 and 30 minutes.


The 18Tokyo has a very good compilation of porn videos that will satisfy both the porn lovers and the quality-nerds. Though some of the videos are not exclusive, it’s guaranteed that you’ve never seen most of the videos and with the regular updates there will be always something new. And if you think that the large collection of the 18Tokyo is not enough, check the videos you get as a bonus. The access to the whole network for the price of one site is a real bargain, and you can enjoy more than 20,000 videos.

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