Well, all you had to do was look at the name at the head of this review and you instantly knew what it was and what it represented. It is a word that is renowned worldwide much like Playboy is and even if you are somewhere that does not speak a word of English and you use the word Hustler, you will get knowing glances and big broad smiles. All of this is especially from men, but you will also get sly glances from females as well. The reason is, of course, that Hustler represents sex in any and all ways, and everyone is interested in sex. Granted some more than others, but that word will still bring reactions. Whatever your reaction was, chances you wished to keep reading so that you can find out what it’s all about.

So, opening this premium porn site is a “tell all” for sure. Exposed are various women in countless stages of undress. The greater of them are getting fucked in their shaven pussy by enormous cocks. It appears that the larger the cock, the greater pleasure she will feel, or at least that’s what we are to believe. The women seem to be having a good time though they are not smiling, nor are they in the throes of passion and therefore cumming.

Hustler has taken care to put up a lot of the various women’s names since apparently many of them are known in the porn world. Thus we see names such as Lisa Sparkle, Lana Violet, Camryn Kiss, Jada Jai, Lexi Lynn and one of our favorites, Isabella Amour. All the ladies are going to be fucked, for sure, and many of them are going to give really amazing blowjobs, sometimes even getting ass fucked. A few are going to be dominated, though Hustler is not very strong on that. If you read the magazine at all, you also know that Hustler has a wonderful sense of humor and that they make some really wild parodies. They are advertising one now called This Ain’t The Interview and it further tells us that Kim Jong Un Porn is in it! This looks hilarious, and of course you will enjoy the hell out of it!

Design and Features

You also will find out that Hustler is celebrating their 40th anniversary, and it seems they have chosen a neat way to celebrate. They are offering 9,500 hardcore scenes, 105,000 photos, 1,700 DVDs and best yet access to 20 of their sites. All you need do is to subscribe. Of the various sites they carry, you could choose Taboo, VCA Classics, Anal Hookers, Beaver Hunt, or even Asian Fever, which, of course, carries only Asian honey for you to view. Also to all that, Hustler really wants you to celebrate for they are also offering you free entry into all the archives of the Hustler digital magazines. You cannot imagine just how much wonderful reading that is going to entail besides more stories, and of course more pictures too!

Girls and Videos

If you take advantage of their gift, you will probably have more porn than you ever dreamed you want or have, but the best part of it is that it will be highest quality porn available. After all, we all know that Hustler does not put out any low-quality anything, ever! Now you should know that the DVDs you will be getting if you join are more than just sexy DVDs for they contain the serial Beaver Hunts as well as also BarelyLegal, which if you have read Hustler for a long time is considered primo porn. Now every 3 to 4 days they also add on yet another DVD. They will definitely keep you busy.

We also neglected to mention that if anyone is ever going to have some internationally known porn stars, it is going to be Hustler. Just as you are aware of the name, any porn star in any country on this earth has also heard of Hustler. Yes, Hustler opens the door too. When we mention that it opens doors, we are referring to the interviews with all manner of stars, and general notables that Hustler has gotten an interview with. Today they still strive to give Hustler a better name simply by talking a plethora of great stars. We can never say enough good about Hustler.

Another thing that makes them stick out way above the rest is the fact that they have someone who is truly into whatever niche of porn you are involved in. The fact that this is so has encouraged many to out themselves, just knowing that the same fetish is out there and appreciated by yet another human being. That person may be available right now to a million people but until someone clicks on that specific site, you will feel alone, but suddenly brighten up when you see that there are so many more persons interested in what floats your own boat. Then too, if interracial is one of the things that floats your boat, you will know that Hustler was one of the first ones to carry interracial couples fucking and such. They certainly have come a long way, as you know and now interracial couples can be seen everywhere and certainly not just porn.

Hustler free gallery


Granted you will be getting a shitload of stuff when you join Hustler, thus it is only human nature to think that it is simply going to be way too expensive, but we are here to tell you that this is simply not so. First you should know that the entire site has been verified and secured for you. Next you will wish to know how difficult it will be to pay for it, and we are here to tell you the good news is that you can use a credit card, an online check, Bitcoin, Lite Coin or Dodge Coin as you desire. Next you will wish to know the amount, and that’s easy.

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