Cum eating has been a common venture in many porn sites all through the years but when husbands are included in the sexual encounters with their wives’ lovers, things are taken to the next level. The three ways on CumEatingCockOlds are pretty interesting especially because they feature good quality hardcore fucks. Launched in 2008, the site has continued to provide a steady supply of entertaining movies all that are for your enjoyment. The content majorly features MILF wives, husbands and a third party partner who is credited as the wife’s lover. Obviously, the idea of playing second fiddle to you wife’s lover is pretty disgusting but the site shows how you can turn this around and make all moments count.

Brace yourself for the roller coaster ride of your life. The dominating wives seem to rule over their husbands by not just by ensuring that they get fucked in front of them but also demand that they suck the cum from their cocks. This concept is a little disturbing but also exciting. After all, this is what cuckolds are known for. As part of the KickAssNetwork, the site truly incredible in offering you the best kind of content. There is true guarantee of gaining access to all the other sites on this network. Access to the niche specific extras is quite exciting too. Even with the nature of the action, there is no surprise to what the sites holds because Cockolds are known to go over the top. The numbers of movies are quite limited but you will still be able to enjoy hardcore sexual encounters in great proportions.

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Design and Features

CumEatingCockOlds show cases the latest updates all over the site. The descriptions of the movies are quite important because they tell you what the movies are all about. Additionally, there are category tabs such as the girls, amateurs and the wives. This easily tells that the movies on the content that you want to enjoy, you can click on any of the following links. The site has about 40 updates and they give you entertainment to the fullest. They are coupled with high resolution galleries that can be downloaded as zip sets. The movies are also lengthy and sizable, giving you unforgettable entertainment.

From page to page, navigation is really easy and the menu choices make maneuvering really easier. The movie trailers delight you in the action that you have always wanted to see. Shot in the most appealing backgrounds, clarity is not an issue here. Sub-divided into four episodes, you will be able to relish every moment that leads to the anticipated climax. There are only a few adverts to be seen throughout these pages, thus, you can enjoy the action without any interruptions.

Girls and Videos

CumEatingCockOlds features porn stars such as Kelly Well, Ganena Lynn and Flower Tucci. These three are featured as naughty wives. Given most preferences, the movies that revolve around the wives are more in number that what you would see of girlfriends and amateurs. Even though all the movies fall under the same story line, the porn stars and models spice things up each bringing something different to the site. There is no question as to whether the movies are scripted you can tell that the situations are quite complicated to be real life assurance. Thus, the site tries to give you more than you ask for fulfilling the promise of good entertainment. The movies often feature role playing, with more than silicone boobs and bouncing assess to recommend them. Engrossed in fishing for cum out of these cocks, they are fucked in every manner and style. Seeing these beauties riding black cocks is delightful.

However, the site also adds a good number of whites who act as either the husbands or those who are behind the illicit affair. Either way, the content is on point and you will not be looking any further for entertainment and enjoyment. Highly talented, the wives come across as dominatrix who will not settle for anything less than seeing the look of desperation on their partners faces. With the happy ending that they deserve, the look of satisfaction lurks across their faces Most of the husbands are sissies, therefore, the women find taking change quite the easy task. Ensuring that every moment counts, the intriguing entertainment is all that you hoped it would be.

There are many movies to look forward to but there are special ones that will capture your attention such as Jull Janson’s grand production. She is a horny wife who is sex starved by her husband because his cock is broken. Therefore, he cannot get an erection. Since Jill has not been fucked for days, she asks her husband to sit back and watch as her neighbor rails her. On the other hand, Elisa Jean is into male strippers and since she was been looking to spice things up inside her bedroom, she talks her husband into having a threesome. As soon as the male stripper arrives; the wife is nude and ready for action. After a little foreplay, she gets penetrated, sucks and fucks her satisfaction. As the stripper gets to climax, Elisa asks her husband, who was watching on the sidelines to suck and swallow his cum. The cuckold willingly and happily submits. This nature of content is what makes CumEatingCockOlds an adventurous site. There isn’t a dull moment here.


The KickAssNetwork has done it again! Because bringing you the best content is the site’s specialty, it does this without failing. While the scenes may be meant for those who appreciate kink in its rarity, other porn lovers will also find something to crave about on the sites. The thrilling pages are worth looking at. There’s no rush. CumEatingCockOlds requires undivided time and attention.

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