One of the most desired things is diversity; you can never get enough of it, in all the parts of your life. When it comes to porn, good quality diversity is hard to find, but I was able to do so, fortunately, and when I finally landed on velvetectasy, I was thankful for all the great porn it would provide me with. Enjoy the real life amateur couples getting it on in the most unimaginable ways ever.

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Design & Features

A site such as this, dedicated to diversity, should be designed in a proper way, and it was, which made me really happy, because even upon entering, you could see very pleasing stills, showing everything that you could encounter if you should happen to join. The very colors signal the diversity and the site itself presents it via a very seductive text. The videos section is what you should be interested in, and the layout, as well. All of them have been done in a perfect fashion and if you count in the various sorting filters, you are in for a good browsing, especially since there are so many categories to choose from. The navigating itself is a pleasant experience, with the site treating you like you are its favorite customer, making your stay ever so inspiring. Even when browsing from the mobile phone, the site tends to be welcoming, allowing you to slide through the videos at high speed, seeing how the site is optimized for mobile devices.

Girls & Videos

And after all of that, you start wondering about the models, right? Let me assure you, they do have actual models, some of which are the couples which are actually the actors of the movies. Well, they are not actors, since they are couples and the things they are doing are the things they would normally do, it’s just that this time they are filmed and played for your pleasure.

The models and couples themselves are as diverse as the categories, from thin to fat, to plain sexy in every way, with huge dicks and perfect asses, all of which will make you consider joining them, at least in the masturbating way. With a diverse scene such as that, adding more would sound like overkill, but then again, it wouldn’t if you consider that the amateur couples are being filmed by a professional crew. Imagine all of that juicy action in full HD. It deserves nothing less, and neither do you, the viewers. That is not all, as this site has more to offer. When exploring what the membership also brought me, I found out that I could actually download the videos, all of them. If I had a hard drive or two more, I would have downloaded them all, definitely. Though, the three extra sites are really a nice bonus, when you look at it.


Real life amateur videos, shot by a professional crew, which bring to you the most astonishing pleasurable experience ever, all in beautiful full HD, are to be found on velvetecstasy. Since they are devoted to diversity, you would be able to find lots and lots of different categories, all of which have the same outcome, an orgasm. And with that in mind, and the fact that you would be able to download videos and enjoy three more sites as well, make this a must have in anyone’s list of the greatests.

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