Homemade porn films have proven that they have found a good footing in the adult industry. The provision of such riveting content cuts out the middle man and takes you right to the heart of the action. There is no time to waste in the face of such entertainment. Without any edits or embellishments, homemade porn shows you the action just as it is. Therefore, StudentSexParties is an adult site that brings you the best of homemade films that focus on a bunch of campus girls and boys getting inebriated and having sexual encounters.

The idea behind the site is that the party goers get paid for providing porn videos that will entertain you and capture your attention. For a moment, I could not believe that you can be paid to party; but then again in this world of fun and lust, you should always expect the unexpected. After all, the extra cash comes in handy for anyone who is pursuing their studying ambitions. The sites comprise of the best anal sex, group sex, and public sex scenes. A word of caution… prepare to be blown away, in a good way.

Straight from Europe the site features scenes that showcase a great combination of partying and fucking. Obviously, these two things go hand in hand and on StudentSexParties, it is no different. In efforts to fulfill all of your sexual fantasies and desires, the site goes to the raunchiest places that it is capable of taking you. It offers HD scenes and despite the fact that the videos are homemade, there is no wanting level of clarity. Unfortunately, the site does not contain US-style frat and sorority action, thus, if you are looking for content of this nature, you will not find it here. StudentSexParties offers more of international group sex scenes that feature fresh faces who shamelessly fuck each other.

The site communicates its theme clearly, especially because it does not deviate from the content that it provides. The parties are held in dormitories or inside clubs. As you may imagine, things start out in a slow paced manner and then eventually heat up after about half an hour to forty-five minutes into the action. There is plenty of time to get you prepared. The movies are typically two to four hours long, therefore, you have more than enough to enjoy. The partygoers indulge in conversations and a lot of laughing before the action goes full throttle. This is a great way to ensure that you warm up to StudentSexParties. Their reckless behavior is what makes the site truly enjoyable. In no time, they will be deep throating and having full-on sexual intercourse in front of their friends. You are free to pick the videos format that suits you best depending on your device. Yes, StudentSexParties has got some amazing viewing options. Members with iPads and iPhones can enjoy the mobile versions of the videos as well as SD and WMV downloads. Embedding the videos in a flash player is also acceptable. You do not have to worry about quality as the site will ensure that you simply get the best.

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Design and Features

StudentSexParties has a denim background that gives you a great feeling of a true campus party. The content on the site does not overlap each other. It is clear that StudentSexParties spent a lot of time on the systematic arrangement. The site has lengthy scenes that have lengthy descriptions which will let you know exactly what is going on in all the parties. Due to the fact that the videos are long, they are broken down into a variety of episodes so that you can enjoy them in the best way. We have already established the fact that the site presents its content in a variety of formats. From an Eastern European country, the party goers do not speak English but there are subtitles to help you keep up. StudentSexParties does not have any technical issues and you will thoroughly enjoy the tour.

Girls and Videos

The girls on StudentSexParties are as raunchy as they come. They are horny and reckless, and they show you exactly how far they are willing to go for the purpose of pleasure. They definitely love having fun and that is why they are on this site to begin with. The most outstanding girls on the site include Greta A, Dominica Phoenix, Anna Taylor and Olivia. They will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and make every day feel like a Friday night. The girls will show you the height of their insolence. They are always in good male company, thus, there is no dull moment on the site. They do not waste time making themselves feel comfortable and toast to fun, health, good grades, and exams. They feel like they have every reason to celebrate.

The girls are fresh and are simply the eye catchers. Their bodies are athletic and their figures are tight and right. They not only indulge in girl boy sexual encounters but also go for threesomes and sexual encounters. All of the holes in their bodies are pleasure filled and they do not have an option but to loose and spread their legs wide open. After all, it is the only way they know how. They make merry by getting high and they let you know about it.


Joining the cast of StudentSexParties is a great way for you to have fun. In fact, you will have the most memorable moments on this platform. The site accounts for top notch content, fantastic viewing options, and high-resolution images. You are at liberty to enjoy the scenes as you desire. StudentSexParties has truly showcased added value to entertainment. It is the adult site to beat.

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