The name ‘STMackenzies’ sounds like it belongs to a boarding institution of sorts. Of course, the kind that only facilitates learning and does not tolerate any other kind of uncanny behavior. Well, this is a classic case of deceiving looks because STMackenzies is so far from what you think it is. The name belongs to a learning institution but forget all about biology lessons because here, fresh faces are taught how to become geniuses in the bedroom. They are groomed by older women who pose as teachers to fuck, suck, kiss, lick and perform any other oral or intimate acts of pleasure. It is time to kick boys to the curb because this is all-girl affair!

While there may be many lesbian sites on the adult platform, this one introduces a more interesting approach to things. The combination of sexy students and teachers lets you know that any time spent here will truly be worthwhile. There will be no complaints as to the nature of the content because all that you see here is meant to keep you glued to the screen for an unspecified amount of time.

Launched in September 2009, this amazing lesbian platform has proven that, with great entertainment, any adult site can be able to thrive. STMackenzies does not have the biggest collection but it comes with a variety of scenes that make your stay here feel like home. Boasting of all exclusive content, the only way to truly enjoy the pleasure portal and all that comes with it is by signing up as a full member. The fresh-faced fantasies that will be oozing from these scenes will be enough to keep you occupied for a lifetime.

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Design and Features

STMackenzies understands that first impressions mean everything and as such, presents its content in a manner that would truly motivate you to take a tour. There are over 200 well-arranged scenes that have been presented with nothing less than utmost clarity. All of the videos showcase softcore lesbian content and do not deviate from the site’s theme. The manner in which the models show off their bodies is not explicit as the site prefers to keep its content at a PG-level.

The consistency that you will be able to see on tour speaks volumes for the site and what it is about. Apart from the videos, there are also a number of galleries that hold the most seductive lesbian content. You will simply be ogling at all that you see on screen.

STMackenzies offers viewership of its videos at a clarity of 720p HD windows media file. This is as clear as clarity gets! On 1280×720 pixels of 5 mbits, you can count on viewing moments that truly make a difference. On the other hand, the galleries contain pictures that are of high-resolution nature. They have 2,340×3,500 pixels dimensions and look brilliant on any viewing device. They can be browsed online or downloaded in the archives as zip files.

Browsing can be done by date or ‘pupils’ and ‘teachers’. Either way, you are sure to find exactly what you have been looking for in the shortest amount of time. Although the site does not have any search tags, you will not experience any challenges in finding what you want. There are also short model bios that taunt you to engage with the fresh-faced models even further.

Girls and Videos

The models on STMackenzies are a mixture of fresh faces and MILFs who are taking part in the teaching and learning lessons that would make your privates drip wet with sexual juices. The fact that the girls are gorgeous will also appeal to your sense of weakness. This is the classic case of deceiving looks because you will later on come to realize that these hotties are truly what they seem.

As STMackenzies is a boarding institution that is only meant for the naughtiest and the sexiest, it is only normal that the models would be overly kinky from time to time. With their sexy UK accents, they express their love for pleasure and how excited they are to take part in the ‘lessons’. The mature models do not waste time in getting kinky. Forget all about your science lessons where you were taught about the parts of your body theoretically, these MILFs prefer practical teaching. They kiss, caress, lick, fuck and suck in order to ensure that all of their bodily desires are met. Although the models may seem like a bunch of rookies at first, they will surely prove you wrong. If anything, they are truly fast learners in no time, the learners will become teachers,

All of the flicks embrace an amazing storyline where the models showcase their acting skills as well as their seductive prowess. They start things off with light makeup sessions and then progress on to some lesbian acts of lust. Most of the action take place in the classroom or the dormitories. Either way, the naughtiness showcase their capabilities of ensuring that they keep you hooked to the screen for a very long time. All you have to do is let them take over and in no time, you will be on cloud nine.

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The content of STMackenzies is as interesting as it gets. It does not matter if you are watching a video or looking at a mere sexy photograph because you will still experience the same kind of pleasure pangs surging through your body. The models truly surpass your expectation as you will meet UK girls who serve you hot content all the time. The site sticks fiercely to learning institution fetishes without barging in its commitment to keeping you entertained.

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