People often misinterpret the word slut and if you want to know what a real slut means then you will find some of the biggest ones at Smother Sluts. Who cares if these women just want some large dicks in their pussies? All we care about is seeing them in some fine action that we can all appreciate. These girls spread their butts to get fucked in front of any guy that they want to fuck. However, it is very evident that all of the content available on the website is of a certain fantasy and fetish and if you are someone who always wanted to hang out with groupies of your own then you will love the content that the website is trying to offer us. There might be some rotations with the same themes reappearing but the content is always fresh. They also take user feedback very seriously and if you want to interact with the other members then you should check out the forums as well where you can discuss membership experiences and anything about your favorite stars and scenes. The website in general is a very high value proposition when it comes to the membership and if you are wondering if you should get a membership then the best way to decide is by heading to the tour page where you will be able to see some samples so you can decide easily if the content that is on offer is right for you.

There are over 100 movies on offer and all of it is Full HD footage so you will be able to see every single thing in the highest of details. The scenes have been shot beautifully in studios with amazing lighting so you will have no qualms about the picture quality either. The website has some nice smothering action but there is no actual sex taking place, by which we mean dick to pussy action. It is predominantly a website which focuses on foreplay and smothering which is something really unique and you will find all of the videos manage to make you horny without even showing you the dick to pussy action. To top it off you will also be able to get full access to the Fetish network which is home to some of the most premium BDSM content that focuses on femdom and is pretty much what the opposite of Smother Sluts is. So if you want to get the best of both worlds you will be able to experience it all for the price of just one website! The fetish and smothering content is something you will really love and if you have been a fan of such content then you are in luck as you will be able to find some really great videos and images to turn you on in no time. It’s hard not to recommend the website for what it is and it’s truly something you will all love.

Excellent pay adult website where you can watch exclusive fetish videos.

Design and Features

Smother Sluts has a user interface that you just love and it’s too easy to use. The website has also rendered responsive, so that you can get access to all of the images and videos on all portable devices as well and not just your PCs, which makes is highly easy to navigate content no matter where you are. The search functionality tools are really great and you will not have difficulties finding the videos and images using the features that are on offer. The videos and images are up for download to all members of the website and if you want to download the content you will be able to get them in MP4 format while the images are available for download in zip files containing full galleries of images in high resolution. You will have full access to all of the videos and images even when your membership runs out thanks to no DRM licensing. So you should download all of the content you want to keep forever while your membership lasts. There are plenty of resolution options to choose from when you are downloading the videos and images and the videos are available at 1080p, so you can choose the right resolution depending on your internet speeds. If you want to reach out to the customer support for help then you can do that too through the contact us page.

Girls and Videos

These women who are part of the website surely know how to make a man horny. They sit on the faces of men and let them lick away to letting men shave off their vaginal hair before fucking them hard. The scenes on offer all have new plots that you will love and it is definitely different from what you might be used to. From motor boating the boobies of the girls to getting into some hardcore cunnilingus, there is plenty of action that you will love. Oh, and if you are a fan of hardcore action then you will love what the website is trying to offer to the audience. The content is just exhilarating and you will have no issues browsing through all of the fun content. As soon as you login to the website you will be able to see an overview of all of the videos and images that are on offer. You will be taken aback by how consistently they have been putting out content for the audience is and the best thing is every video is different from the other.


Overall the content that is on offer is just too good and you will be able to get an experience that is just unbeatable for the asking price. Combined with the great features on offer you will just love the experience Smother Sluts is trying to offer us!

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