Shy GF takes a slightly different turn to amateur porn. The idea is to show that shy girlfriends are in fact, freaks in the sheets. My guess is that whoever thought about this probably had a shy one of his own. Committed to user-submitted content, you will find in these home-made videos moving images of shy looking girls going incredibly crazy when it comes to sucking cocks, riding them and you know, all that jizz! These sexy devils in disguise know how to do it in a way that will get anyone off. Membership to Shy GF brings along more than 10,000 videos and over 250,000 photos! Together with unlimited downloads of only real amateur content, you will get to see these not-so-shy bitches get fucked over and over as much as you can. With regular daily updates for you to meet the new shy cunts of the week. What is great is that you can also submit any home-made videos you think suitable, so when that shy girl of your wet dreams comes up you can film it and share the fun with the rest of us.

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Design & Features

Shy GF’s layout is easy and straightforward. On the main page, you will see a bunch of photos that once clicked will bring you straight to the link of the video. In this wall full of pictures you will find photos of different types of girlfriends in all sorts of naughty and horny poses, naked in POV, you’ll see ass, tits, fucking, fingering, sucking- anything you can imagine. You will also see girls posing in humorous ways like in the picture of a fresh looking girl wearing braces and doing a funny face where she shows off a whole lot of cum stored in her mouth. See the devilish side of these not so innocent bitches. Most of the pictures speaking pretty much for themselves, hence, making it easier for you to browse over for what you may feel for in that hour. In general, the layout design is cute and adorable, I am guessing to accentuate that shy-girl vibe. But as said, everything in the website is basically one click away without too many features or toolbars that sometimes get too much in the way when you’re browsing. Everything in a short, one-way street distance for access of photos and videos. So, if the sound of shy girls getting exposed sound appealing to you, you should definitely take that one!

Girls & Videos

The girls are usually cute looking and shy, but this is only for the first few minutes. Many being the actual girlfriends of the guy they’re fucking. This also means that sometimes you’ll encounter some that need a little bit more of convincing to get their clothes off their sexy body. Like in one video, you meet a shy girlfriend who is hesitant at first, but then after a kiss or two, things begin to get hot and you can see that her true nature starts to come out. All flirty, she begins staring at the camera as the start of what turns later to be a wild performance. In full POV from his digital camera, you see her reaching out for that D inflated in his package. After grabbing and massaging it for a while, she begins to work down her way into his pants. Opening the zipper and reaching out for his cock as she continues to gaze into the camera with a look and a naughty grin that will make you mesmerized by such shy Hotness. From now on you will see what turns out to be shy-girl full on exposed. Suck, suck, suck, she does on that dick like a cock-monster, reaching it to her throat several times, gagging on it, spitting and slurping on it to then go back to sucking. There is nothing hotter than seeing such a cutie behaving like a bewildered sex devil, an amateur pornstar or something! Then she starts stripping down while doing a sexy little dance at it, playing with her tits popping out her red bra to then taking it completely off while she sits on his cock. Doing a hot lap dance with her black thong still on, this cock-tease is making him go nuts. In one go he pulls out the string from her vag and begins fucking that shy-slut from the back! But when you think you have seen it all, that is when you are then taken by surprise to see that this little sex monster is not even close to being quenched with her thirst. After getting a few heavy pounds in her sweet vagina, she is then all out. Turning around to face her prey, that predator starts riding that dick, up and down and down-up like some rollercoaster pussy. You see that naughty moaning face needing to get off as she continues on it, telling him “to fuck that pussy” although she is the one totally fucking him! To make things better, she hops off and lies on her back, lifting her two legs to her side and spreading that pink flower a few times so he can take a closer look with his camera. The sexiest shot on porn I have seen in a while. As she opens and closes that cunt, she starts teasing him and asks if he is man enough to fuck that hard. He obviously loses it after that (and so do I) cumming straight down her face and big fucking tits! It is girls like these you are about to see in these Shy GF videos.


What is great about this amateur site of porn is that it attracts a specific kind of user submitted material which is awesome because you only find girls like that. If you are a fan of “shy”, crazy sex freaks than this site will be the best thing ever! Each one shier and hornier than the other, ready to suck and ride dicks like sex-deprived monsters. So, if these are the shy kind of girls you like, than you definitely have found the right place!

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