Reality porn can take any form it wants as long as it seals the deal with the theme it likes to get across. A country big on this sort of motif is Russia itself and it is not so hard to see why considering that majority of these Russian chicks are gorgeous and really hot. One other motif they like to shake up is something called “fake castings” and that is pretty understandable when you come across an actual site that hosts them. I have come across plenty of the sort and I must say, they are pretty addictive and I got hooked immediately. Probably because it seems so real (well, the theme is reality porn) and it has a lot of really good scenes.

One site I really enjoy more than anything else, if I must be honest, is RussianFakeAgent. This is about a guy who picks up girls in streets and makes them believe that he is an actual talent agent and that he is willing to give these girls a huge break through in their careers. Of course, it is all talk and his primary motive is to screw with these gorgeous girls. RussianFakeAgent is not your typical porn site because it looks really legit and they know how to stir up other things, besides pussy. Launched in April 2014 by Private Media Group network, this site heavily highlights reality porn, porn videos, and hardcore sex. Those three combined are explosive and you get really great results.

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Design and Features

To begin, there are numerous features in this site that makes it really good. RussianFakeAgent simply brings the best out of reality porn and so it is not so much of a surprise that they decided to vamp their site up so it could live up to its ever so popular theme. This pay site will require you to sign up before accessing any of its features, though. It is easy and it is fast, also very reliable. It would not take five minutes and they have numerous bonuses that come along. If you have finished with the whole signing up thing, you can move along and enjoy the things in here. The site design is very good and very clean. Its neatness brings about a sense of peaceful simplicity and minimalism.

The navigation is very easy to comprehend and use, as is their user interface. The site is arranged in ways that makes it very accessible, straightforward, and orderly. This is a big thing for me because I always prefer the “clean” sites as opposed to those glittery wonders that make my head hurt. RussianFakeAgent is perfect as it is and I love how uncluttered and modest it looks like. The links can be found on the top most part of the site, as it is located in a menu bar along with the network’s logo. From there, you can access the home page, the page where you can find all their video collections, their model index, followed by their movies, and live cams. On the far end, you can see a heart shaped link that will take you to where you have tabbed and saved your favorites.

The site does not support any photo galleries but there are crisp video caps in here that will complete your experience. Each video is equipped with its very own gallery and from there you can understand how things will turn out to be once you have watched the scenes. The main page is filled with a bevy of video thumbnails complete with titles, ratings, time stamps of how long each video will last, tags, likes, and an HD icon. In the site, you can change your language as you desire. There are a bunch of European languages that are available, as well as English. It is not like they are going to change the audio but you can access the site more easily if you can view it in your language.

Also, subtitles are available. Sorting options are a huge help here since you can sort them out using the dates, the titles, the ratings, the number of times it has been viewed, and so much more. There is also a pagination link as well as an advanced search bar. Currently, you will get free access to a number of sites that are under the same network. These sites are as hardcore as this one and have really good content. Make sure to check these out for an optimum experience.

Girls and Videos

The girls of RussianFakeAgent seem gullible but they are more than what you vouch them to be. They are horny and they are hungry for fame, which is why they let themselves be lured out there. It does not matter if it is staged or not, the fact that you get quality hardcore scenes here is good enough. What starts as a pick up in the street, ends up on a couch where the girls are fucked silly. All the scenes are intense and there is a good amount of wonder in here.

You may be able to download the files in mp4 or wmv format, as well as stream them online using an embedded flash player. Both can be watched in 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution or higher. All the scenes here are exclusive and all are in HD, as well. As we speak, there are 50+ videos in the site and there seems to be no download limit. Updates are indefinite but they seem to have added some from the last time I have been there. You may comment on the videos, rate them as you like, and add them to your favorites.

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RussianFakeAgent might not be the biggest porn site out there but they certainly have a lot of spunk and a whole lot of potential. The quality is already good enough, and with a little push of quantity, this site is sure to make wonders.

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