Peeping Santa has the unique concept of Santa who, instead of delivering presents to us, spies on people having sex in different parts of the world and posts it on the site. Videos are arranged by continents and each video lists the country it belongs to and the name of the model.

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Design and Features

The homepage of the website has candy canes, Christmas trees, sweaters and hot women dressed in elf costumes and Santa garb but with a sexy twist, short skirts, knee high boots and cleavage tops complete their attire. Once you get the feel of the website and enter it, you are completely immersed in peeping Santa’s world. The site features a dark gray background with straight light gray lines which is a stark opposite to the video content and images which funnily is a good touch. The videos are lined up in threes and the quality of their pictures is worth mentioning.

There is a lot of variety of videos to choose from and the flags of the countries against each video stand out, it is like a melting pot of all the world’s women in one site, it is truly novel and amazing. Peeping Santa on the mobile is as suave and sleek as it can get, since it is well optimized and responsive, without losing any quality. Great visuals and good videos that run as smooth as butter. Although the background can hinder from viewing the site in low light, some adjustments can be made manually to watch such amazingly themed content.

Girls and Videos

The videos as mentioned earlier are divided by continents and countries but a peculiar thing you would notice is the type of videos against each continent is sort of grouped and similar in nature. Like the videos from Asia pertain more towards group sex, bukkake, and some one on one action, the videos from Africa contain a lot of great blowjobs and big dick fucking, by black people. The videos from Europe are more hardcore whereas videos from Latin America are more consensual and passionate. This is an undertone you need to take genuine note of and watch out for. Now that the sociology class is over, we can move onto the women.

There is such a diversity of women on the site you will love it. Whether it is the voluptuous curves of the Latin American women or the petiteness of the Asians, it is all there, the diversity really blows you away and it is worth seeing. Videos are updated daily and as of now, there are around 4,500 of them. These videos can be watched in the flash format in a browser or downloaded in the MP4 format in 1920×1080 resolution. There is no issue of limiting the number of downloads on the videos and that is a great thing, a man should never be denied of his porn! There are pictures for the user to view as well, more than 1,123,000. These can be seen in different sizes and they can be downloaded in a Zip format.


Peeping Santa has a lot of choice for the users and someone who wants to see some straight action is sure to love this site. The videos are of great quality and manage to maintain a certain standard throughout, even though videos are brought in from different countries. With great bonus websites in this network, you will most definitely devote a lot of time here.

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