Mythic Women is a soft-core and cosplay modelling platform where pretty gals are clad and dressed up in attires all fashioned by the website’s designer himself. The garments are medieval military clothes, chainmail bikinis, and lots of other sensual designs for folks in search for something a lot more artistic from this type of niche. Users are going to have access to this as well, not to forget some really sexy chicks.

Mythic Women teaser

Design & Features

Mythic Women do have a snazzy design, and I never found anything to complain about. The navigation never disappointed, too. I did not encounter any difficulty in finding my way round the site and in fact I appreciated some of its features. The clips entail their own area and can users can sort them by title, playback time, and date. Talking of the images, they too have their own section, however one can also get entry to them via the model index. The high-resolution images are very good to look at and the sets can be saved in zip folders. These are purposely for offline viewing and for use as wallpapers and screensavers. In fact there are up to five photo sizes to select from when you go with the zip folders. Some of the galleries are a bit on the lower quality range, but rest assured the many of them are of a decent size. Good news is that the engineers did not forget folks who are at all times on the go. The site is fine-tuned to load very well on mobile phones. I attempted to browse the site on my smartphone and it loaded very fast. I could as well download the videos besides getting to watching them online.

Girls & Videos

The bitches are all gorgeous. There are some who are experts, whilst others are amateurs. Irrespective of their encounter on camera, these dames look great dressed like warriors, damsels, and heroines. In fact, I presume ‘dressed’ is not the apt phrase as the hotties are actually not donning much. It is only some skimpy bikinis created from material such as chainmail and the attires are not long-lasting. There are just 10 clips to enjoy at the time if my visit. The low number of videos is because the site focuses mainly on photos rather than videos. The image sets count reached to 100. Hmmm amazing stuff here. You can have a look at the behind the scenes. The images sets feature sexy women posing in skimpy or even nothing at all. All the garments were designed by Gerald himself and I must assert that this man is quite talented, since his outfits look good. He could earnestly bag in lots of mullah vending them to cosplay aficionados. Besides the costumes I will still commend Laidmore and his set design, too. The sets are not all that overstated, however they certainly serve their function and aid to publicize the fantasy. A couple of chicks opt not to wear any clothes at all and hey, we’re not complaining. I have to mention that having seen the platform, I am very staggered this is the work of just one due. So much detail and care has gone into the material here that it almost appears impossible to fathom. The scenes and sets themselves are really great too, with some quite beautiful gals in some very classy material. I really liked this, very much indeed, and the hard work has definitely paid off.


Folks who actually relish the dragon and dungeon kind of life, where moving reverse in time will lead you to those chambers where anger would rule, and then provide more than pretty ladies that are either on the giving or receiving end, all throughout body language as well as attitude. Get to join Mythic Women for a really low sign up cost.

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