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Lesbian Older Younger Video

Design and Features

LesbianOlderYounger has 130+ full length movies and a matching number of photo sets. Here, you will be able to access all of your Milf and fresh faced favorite moments without any qualms. All the content is presented in 1080p HD version. All you have to do in order to watch the movies is to point your cursor on the play icon and you are well on your way to enjoying the best lesbian flick of your life. The scenes have different run times. They are tagged with befitting titles that clearly point out the names of the performers and upload dates. The scenes are presented in form of slide shows with a series of episodes being showcased just below them. You can also see the user ratings, which reflect the thoughts and opinions about the movies. Through this insight, you will be able to know the best movies of the bunch. There are a few adverts that will lead you to the different bonus sites. The links and thumbnails will make it easy for you to get from one point to another.

Girls and Videos

The lesbians on LesbianOlderYounger comprise of fresh faces and cougars. They are extremely gorgeous and put obvious effect into entertaining you. The site diversifies and goes for different faces, bodies, shapes and ethnicities. Even so, every lesbian manages to steal the spotlight. The fresh faces are curiously discovering what would pleasure their bodies. Thrown into the mix with older cougars or Milfs, they need to be fast learners. No one is left behind. They go with the flow, some of them showing a little more experience than they care to admit. A good number of them do not stand down, they take charge of the scenes and urge their older counterparts to stand back and revel in their pussy licking and fingering madness. The older lesbians generally dominate the scenes, with a few allowing these fresh faces to lead. Needless to say, they are highly experienced and the cameras do not prove otherwise. Fortunately, they also make for good eye candy. It’s obvious that they have been taking good care of their bodies. They are tight and right and just like the fresh faces, they are very appealing. You will even forget that there isn’t a cock in sight as the satisfactory looks on their faces proves that they do not need anything more. My favorite lesbians are those with big tits. With every move they make, their tits also move according to the rhythm. Highly tempting, I wished there was a way I also could be part of the madness so that I also had the opportunity to suck the life out of those mammaries. When the women with big tits are kissing, you can never know what to expect. They put on a sexy show that will have all cocks stiff and all clits throbbing. The scenes are quite diverse, ranging from Milf fucking her best friend to licking and rubbing hot pussies. Now this is exactly what you want to see, smoking hot beauties who do not waste time in submitting to a juicy cum. When they lick and rub each other’s pussies, they will also make you scream in pleasure. The world has nothing more attractive than the faces and bodies that you will see in LesbianOlderYounger.


The intergenerational lesbian action on this site will prove that lesbian sex is like good wine, it gets better with age. You will enjoy every bit of the seduction. The site is a gold mine waiting to be discovered. The quality of the movies and exceptional delivery does not leave anything to be desired. LesbianOlderYounger is perfect as is. Exceptionally put together, it will blow you away.

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