This one of the individual gay porn entertainment sites featuring Julian as the main character. Julian shares video and photos of his moments with friends and admirers. Most of the gay partners featured are in their prime years just like Julian. Therefore, there is a lot of energy in the performances. There is also plenty of new ways to explore and maximize pleasure with fellow dudes. Julian never spares a chance to lay or get laid by a handsome dude.

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Design & Features

The site throws on quite a lot to savor. The presentation is light, and he colors adopted for their back décor exude a hint at slowing down life a little and enjoying the sensual moments. I love the whitish cream background that anchors content that is brought to you in varying natural hues of color. There are clear categories to guide the user as to where they can start their entertainment sessions. I also love the fact that the captions presented on the contents page are not only linked to the action zone but they can be resized to suit user needs. The videos and photos can be viewed directly online or downloaded to your devices. The streaming speed is remarkable. I was able to view the scenes from my mobile and was impressed with the way the pages load in real time. Although there is no outright search tool, the site has a few instruments to aid users to navigate and browse content without frustration or confusion. The tagged thumbnail captions and the itemized contents list splattered on the top pane are useful tools that enabled me browse the pages with relative ease. You have access to live feeds as an extra service from tryanalfisting.com. This is a feature that makes the site unique, and easily makes for good reason to keep going back for more. Lots of porn fans like to sample exclusive stuff such as is provided here.

Men & Videos

There are no girls. This is a purely gay focused porn site that features handsome dudes having fun and sex. The boys strike you as highly charged horny chaps with an insatiable fetish for the dick sucking escapades and hardcore anal penetration. There are many scenes that feature gay partners getting it on in steamy romantic encounters. They hold each other’s buts and pull their partners closer just so they can get the full length of the shafts in their holes. There are 10 videos with pieces that last at least 18minutes in each. You get your files in great quality formats. There are three such formats available: WMV , MOV and Flash. The latter enables users to stream the content and view photos directly on the site. You can also slow down the pace a little and view photos in over 11 galleries. Each of these galleries contains an average of 120 pictures. This is a good number to keep you entertained for a significant duration as you recline in the quiet of your bedroom after a long day’s work.


The site is a great porn site with a special focus on Julian who does not disappoint. He always seems in control and has remarkable experience in gay fetish antics. The high-quality pictures on this site are something that keeps them ahead of the pack. The fact that you can stream and download their content as you wish once you register is definitely an attractive element on their marketing strategy.

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