Watching all the pornstars had me wonder whether it is actually fun what they are doing, as most of them seem completely uninterested, and terrible actors, at best, especially when it comes to the faked orgasms which could be spotted a mile away. I much more prefer the content that could be found on GFsLovePanties, where girls strip, dance, taunt and masturbate in front of the camera, and the best thing of it all, they are not models nor stars, just your normal girls having fun.

Design & Features

I loved the site’s design, especially the big collage of photos on the front page. Having lots of girls in their panties posing for the camera, taunting you without even seeing the content is very nice and very much inviting. Yoga pants, thongs, stockings, whatever you prefer, you would be able to see it even on the home page. The rest of the page is full with previews of said panties and girls, and is home to some of the buttons which would lead you to the actual sections reserved for members.

Paying a small fee is nothing compared to all the great content you would have access to, not to mention the extra perks. The site, however, does run as smooth as it possibly could, having so many visitors and so much content accessed constantly. I have also noticed that the site runs great on mobile devices, being very speedy and accessible, proving that they have invested into good optimization, rather than needless eye candy.

Girls & Videos

As it could be expected with amateur sites, they are home to many girls, all of them different, all of them submitted by users worldwide. You have the option of submitting your own content, if you should happen to want to share your girl, or if you are a girl and would love to share your body with the world.

The girls are mostly in their early twenties, very hot and passionate, and most of all, absolutely real. You would find no models and or pornstars on this site, none at all. The girls are absolutely your normal, everyday girls, doing different jobs, yet in their free time, posing for the camera, their boyfriends, girlfriends, or just making solo videos. Masturbation is a very common thing, and so are videos and photos of stockings.

There is something about stockings that brings so much arousal, yet it is very hard to pinpoint what, exactly. Getting aroused becomes a thing of just selecting any one of the many videos. The content is being refreshed daily, and the perks are even greater than that. Apart from being able to download each and every of the videos and photos, infinitely, or to the limits of your hard drives, you are also able to access more than 20 sites for the price of this one, and download all of their content, as well. That should make you a very happy viewer, especially since all the content on the other sites is totally different from this one.


Variety is what gfslovepanties brings to the table. Their girls are passionate, very arousing and have a love for posing and stripping, touching themselves and playing with their toys, all for the sake of the fun and pleasure of it. With many more sites on the table, different content and unlimited downloads, gfslovepanties becomes your own personal paradise of porn.

This website is no longer updated, visit Pantyhose Movie Club

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