In the world of porn, hardcore stuff is normally treated like the sort of thing that’s not of any real significance. You discover a lot of different porn on the internet, even truly weird stuff, but truly hardcore stuff is nothing like what you would be able to find. This is rather odd, because there are a lot of kinky people in the world today. You have people that love being dominated, guys that love to dominate as well, and you also find people that are into BDSM, DP, gangbang and other such hardcore porn niches.

When you start to look for hardcore porn on the internet, you are also going to discover that a lot of the porn you find is just nothing you’d generally be interested in. It is rather inferior to your own fantasies because most of the creators of hardcore porn don’t really understand what these kinks are about. It’s like they read about these kinks in some sort of a book and are just not aware of the dynamics behind each fetish.

This results in rather inferior porn, but in spite of this the sites that offer you this kind of porn don’t really give you much leeway in terms of subscription prices. You get some of the priciest sites in the world here, and this can get very frustrating indeed for someone that just wants to jerk off in peace. This is why a site like FuckingHardcore is going to prove to be nothing short of a godsend for you.

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Design and Features

The layout of this website is well designed, but more importantly it has been neatly designed. Each video is placed in a cascade of thumbnails with each thumbnail being highly defined with some of the highest quality photography that you will be able to find on the internet. Additionally, you are going to find out that a lot of the sites videos have a lot of information next to them. This makes it difficult for you to sift through the rubbish videos and find something that is actually worth viewing. This site only gives you the best of the best in an easy to access list, and as a result you are left feeling relaxed about pretty much everything that is happening and can start jerking off to your heart’s content in no time at all.

Another aspect of the layout of this site that you are going to find satisfactory is the color scheme. Color scheme adds a lot to the site, as it can elevate your porn watching experience if the colors that have been chosen are good. Thankfully, FuckingHardcore understands color, and has used the perfect colors to get you into the mood of watching some hardcore videos. The colors that have been used are black, red and a little bit of grey. This is a very dark color scheme bordering on real hardcore, which is important because it adds to the ambience that the site is trying to provide. When you start watching the videos, the colors within which these videos are presented are going to elicit a rather visceral response within you, and you will start to realize just how good of a site you have on your hands. Overall, the color scheme leads very little left to be desired.

The last aspect that is worth mentioning is the price of subscription. Your initial thought about the subscription price would be that it is prohibitive, but relax. This is probably the best part that would attract you to this website, of course, after the girls. Easy on your pocket, you should not have any problems in subscribing to this website, whether it is a monthly or a half yearly subscription, you are sure to love it.

Girls and Videos

The girls in these videos are some of the best in the industry to be sure, and you can really get a sense of how much effort FuckingHardcore has put into finding girls that are right for this niche when you start watching these videos. The first thing that you are going to notice is that FuckingHardcore has found girls that are very sexy. Each of the girls just has something perfectly compatible with the type of porn she is making as far as looks go. The subs look innocent and the dommes look like they know how to control a guy. This really adds to the fact that they are, objectively, very hot indeed, with some of the best bodies that you are going to be able to find in porn. In DP, you will realize that their bodies are made for DP, while in gangbang, the sluts simply enjoy being gangbanged and are perfectly suited for this hardcore niche.

However, these girls don’t just look the part, they act the part as well, and they do this to perfection. When you watch a video of a girl being a sub for a guy, you will see that she is totally into her role, that she plays the part so well that you will see no difference between her and an actual sub in the real world. Similarly, a domme is going to be extremely good at controlling the guy in the video as well. The reason that the girls in these videos are so good at what they do is that they have been chosen well. FuckingHardcore did not just go out there and find the first pretty girls that they saw and hire them as porn stars. They hired truly hardcore girls that understand the fetish lifestyle and are involved with it outside of their work as well. This creates a very immersive and realistic experience that is going to give you some of the best orgasms of your life.


In conclusion, this site is the perfect solution for someone that is looking for a hardcore porn site on a budget. The great thing is that even though you are not going to be spending a lot of money, you are certainly going to be getting some excellent porn, and this will allow you to enjoy your purchase instead of being upset that you had to spend so much money on something that really was not all that worth it. This site is definitely worth it thanks to the excellent content it provides.

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