Flesh Hunters Overview

Flesh Hunters has the premise of ‘one camcorder, one bachelor house and hundreds of hot chicks’ who want to make use of those meager facilities to have sex on camera. The site may have started that way, but you’ll find the site is a lot better than that now. The girls are gorgeous, and the photography is sharp and skillful. One thing the tagline still has right is the hundreds of beautiful girls giving everything for our enjoyment. The site does still have the ‘feel’ of a man’s pad, particularly in the strong language describing the girls and scenes.
The ladies at Flesh Hunters are fresh chicks or twenty-somethings, which is great because we see females at the height of their beauty. There’s a wide selection of everybody’s favorite, the blonde, as well as plenty of red-headed, brunette and raven-haired beauties. Whatever girls set your heart racing; you’ll find them when you sign up at Flesh Hunters.

Girls of Flesh Hunters!

Most of the girls on Flesh Hunters are creamy-complexioned fresh chicks with the occasional Asian, Ebony or Latina lady to spice up the action. And the action is all hetero, generally boy and girl with the rare girls and boys. It’s a man’s wet dream of a site. Within those parameters, there’s plenty to see — ranging from anal through bukkake, blowjobs, creampies, double penetrations, handjobs, pussies, tits, and threesomes. Something for pretty well everyone who likes his or her sex uncomplicated and straight.
The girls being fresh and pretty have bodies to match, whether they have cute tits that barely stand out from their chests or full round boobs, which sway to and fro as she’s being reamed from behind, or have tight tushes that would fit in your hands or full-moon booties that cry out to be spanked. There’s more than one girl on Flesh Hunters that will meet your exacting specifications. And if you do you tire of them, there are ten more sites to explore.
Flesh Hunter girls’ love cum, for eating, for skin lotion, and for being bathed in apparently. And in common with modern misses everywhere they seem to dote on anal. We see them grimacing as a thick shaft opens up their puckered bum holes, before relaxing into the rhythm, purring with pleasure when the rod is pressed fully home. These girls like it in every hole and they come back for more.
Chicks of that age are often risk-takers and the ones at Flesh Hunters are by their nature those kinds of girls. They like to do it in the great outdoors, in the backseat of cars, parking lots, roadsides, poolsides, at the beach, in the park, shopping malls, anywhere there’s a chance they’ll be seen in fact. They also like cash. Many of the scenes involve women approached on the street and offered cash to perform for the camera. Those that do take the money and take part are the girls we’d all love to meet, hot, horny, insatiable, with no inhibitions to get in the way.

Associated Sites

Membership of Flesh Hunters gets you free unlimited access to ten other porn sites; Massive Big Tits, which needs no explanation, Ebony Romance for lovers of dark-skinned girls, Hentai Place for fans of those erotic Japanese cartoon characters, ‘Is That Grandma?’ where older women get to strut their stuff, Lovely Nurses, everyone’s favorite erotic uniform or it was until some idiot invented scrubs, AllHotIndians for lovers of ladies from the sub-continent, and for something completely different, something I haven’t seen anywhere else anyhow, SmokersErotica, and three other equally raunchy sites.
With over 1800 HD videos and 162,000 photos on the Flesh Hunters site alone, and over 192,000 HD videos and 31 million photos across all the sites of the network, and with their regular updates, you’ll never need to pay for cable TV again.

Flesh Hunters’ Site Protection

Flesh Hunters is a responsible adult site. They’re members of ASACP and RTA and have links to Cybersitter, Net Nanny, and Cyberpatrol to help adults keep non-adults web surfers away from mature subject matter. Additionally, Flesh Hunters acts in conformance with U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Statement by confirming, recording, and storing the age of their models at the time of filming.
Flesh Hunters’ site has a ‘This Site Is For Adults’ notice before its home page, which clearly lays out what the visitor will see if they decide to proceed and what they should and should not do if they do continue the site. When a visitor enters, they will see explicit images and introductory clips, however, to enjoy the movies you have to subscribe.
The site is also concerned about your privacy too. After all, few people would join if they weren’t. Check out their Privacy Policy and that should convince you they’re serious about keeping your data secret.

Flesh Hunters’ Pricing

Flesh Hunters has three membership options, starting with the 3-day membership for only $1.03, or giving yourself a bit more time to decide, a monthly membership at $34.95 and finally the 3-month membership for $59.95. Subscription also includes mobile access, which means the girls in all their naked horny glory are with you wherever you may roam.
Sign up is online, and payment is by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club or JCR — all the commonly owned cards. If you’re concerned how the charge will appear on your card statement, don’t be. Only the name ‘Jamayserv’ appears so no one, but you will know who or what it is. If hetero chicks enjoying sex, wrapped in an easy to join site, sounds right, then give Flesh Hunters a try today. You won’t regret it.

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