Extreme Hentai Tube is a top notch porn platform that captures sex beyond the ordinary imagination and reality. Extreme Hentai Tube is the home of the creative mind and the extraterrestrial possibilities. Yet, watching these videos, you will be as excited and stimulated as though you were watching Shakira in the heat of the moment. Yes, there is even a scene that bears Shakira’s attributes and is tagged as such.

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Design and Features

Navigation on Extreme Hentai Tube is the most fluid experience you will ever have. I could crisscross the platform using a range of browsing features included. I could sort content in a variety of ways including the user rating, date of upload, categories or even niches. There is an advanced search tool that allows you to check out content by sieving on specific details. There are thumbnails that also links to the various scenes that feature the characters displayed in the thumbnail.

Scenes come with descriptions that equip you with some background information that steers your interest to explore more. Storylines accompany many of the videos. The narratives that justify the satisfying sex scenes are creatively and skillfully done, complete with suspense and unexpected turns. I was impressed to learn that I could view my videos directly from my mobile phone. The loading speed of the content is reasonably fast. The streaming experience is great on both PC and mobile. I could enjoy my favorite videos from anywhere including while stuck in the busy Manhattan traffic. Overall, sex entertainment knows no boundaries or limits on Extreme Hentai Tube.

Girls and Videos

If you are a little kinky like me, you’ll have a craving for comic porn a lot more than you will enjoy real human sex videos. There are girls but they aren’t really real. They are real in the mind of the comic artist, though. You are still treated to a reflection of real human sex encounters in a vast range of possibilities and niches. Expect some exaggeration in the way action unfolds; after all, we are talking about graphic porn comics. The comic animation artist has an equally vast imagination that often stretches beyond the ordinary.

I was titillated by the sexy impressions of models that strip and show great nude bodies in clear HD videos. Some models are captured sucking dudes and playing with their balls in steamy erotic videos that will make you want to just keep watching. Check out some really steamy sex encounters that feature impressions of white, Asian and black girls being rammed hard by dudes with really large cocks. I was ticked to the bone by the interracial encounters that show black dudes drilling their dicks with glee deep inside the assholes or pussies of some delicate-looking cuties.

Check out animated BDSM, fisting, group sex, threesomes, sex with ogres and other alien creatures on Extreme Hentai. I even had a chance to check out trannies in real steamy action. These models are endowed with features that make them perfect pageant candidates. They come with well-rounded boobs, attractive bums, long shapely legs and curvaceous figures. Yet, you will love what they hide beneath their clothing when they drop these covers. Some of the trannies are endowed with fully functional tools that make a girl turn and moan uncontrollably when they push them in their assholes or pussies. Videos such as MMD Extreme and Fairy Twin 5 will blow away your mind.


Extreme Hentai Tube is the ultimate stop for fans of Hentai and graphic animated porn. The videos come in high tech specs including 3D and HD. It is easy to navigate the platform. There is a ton of entertainment that can be accessed easily with the many user-friendly tools. As I mentioned, you are spoilt for choice on Extreme Hentai Tube.

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