Nothing spell exotic as Indian women. They are nice and dark, and every bit as kinky as any other woman that you might see on the porn sites. Though, these women are not professionals, they are amateurs who submit their own videos and whose videos are being submitted regularly by their husbands, boyfriends or any other person who might want to share them with us. At exposedindiangfs, you have the chance to see some of the sexiest Indian girl get it done.

Design & Features

The site is done in a very minimalistic way, not much of the resources gone on needless eye candy. That being said, you will see a lot of the girls on the front page, most of them as previews, stills cut out from the videos, or the actual pictures, just smaller in size. That is, the previews are there to tempt you, and they will do a job well enough, trust me, you will be drawn into the world of Indian porn in a matter of minutes, especially once you join and see all the perks that the site gives you for free. Speaking about browsing, the site runs very smoothly, there not being the slightest bit of lag. With that in mind, browsing becomes a thing of pleasure and joy, going about from point A to point B in a matter of milliseconds. The loading time does not exist, and the videos play smoothly, on any device, whether mobile or desktop, the optimization is visible on both of them.

Girls & Videos

The exotic Indian princesses are what drove me to watch the videos of this site, and they are every bit as beautiful as they are different. This being an amateur site, you could expect them to vary in size, shape, color, that is, shade of color. Some are chubby, some very fit, some have big boobs, some have smaller ones, though each and every one of them has a certain love for sex, as these are private videos, that people decide to share for this or that reason, and I am very grateful for it, as are the many other members. The girls love to do kinky stuff, and you can see them suck cocks everywhere, as they are not shy about having sex in public, whether it is in a palace, or in a park. Bedroom fun is also common, the girls loving to have fun with other girls, bringing to the screens some sizzling lesbian action. Seeing them go for threesomes and foursomes is also not very uncommon, especially since this is an amateur site, and the content is submitted by the users. If you have an Indian girl around you that wouldn’t mind being shared online, then that is something you should definitely do. I love this site, especially since it has a lot of perks to offer, which make the experience even better.


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