DanskePar Summary

The DanskePar site brings you Danish amateur couples, all on the film of their making. These folks are motivated by a desire to share their love of sex and exhibitionism with the world! One thing to look out for is that the site can be accessed in English as well as Danish. If your web search brings up the Danish version, type ‘en’ onto the web address to be re-directed to the English one. As this is a site for Danish couples, which is the meaning of Danske Par, the videos are all in Danish – though there isn’t a lot of talking, so you aren’t really losing anything by that. Making up for that drawback is the fact the couples range from fresh chicks and their boys to adults in the prime of life, good looking, and amateurs, which means you know what you’re seeing is real and not manufactured on a set somewhere by bored professionals you’ll see on another site in a week’s time. Even though the couples are all Danish, there’s plenty of variety in shapes, hair color, body types, and the things they like to get up to. There are even some Asian-Danish girls for those who love those demure dainty cuties so don’t think you’re going to get tired of the content before your subscription runs out.

DanskePar’s Girls!

Being Danish girls, you see a lot of flaxen to honey blondes (and who minds that!) as well as a surprising number of dark haired ladies, from brunettes to raven-haired. All are creamy-complexioned though some have spent time down south in the sun and have terrific tans. As they’re amateur couples, the filming is from their homes so they’re mainly indoor scenes, though they do like to ‘christen’ every room in the house, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms being the favorite, and couches, countertops, and beds being support furniture of choice.
The site has adult activities to satisfy most tastes. A single video will cover undressing her followed by pussy fingering, pussy licking, pussy spanking, tit fondling, nipple and tit stretching, kneading, nibbling, licking and sucking. Then undressing him followed by nipple teasing, prick stroking, licking and rubbing to erection. The action becomes more heated once he’s inside, and the positions repeatedly change until she comes. For the finale, she ives him a blowjob that culminates in a facial for her and a long, licking clean up for him. Everything from foreplay to post-coital nap is here for our edification and delight. Imagine visiting a friend’s home and they’re so hot to screw they can’t stop themselves while you’re there. Well, that’s what your membership does for you. It makes you a privileged guest in someone’s home while they play out their lust for each other in front of your watchful eyes and all from the luxury of your own space.
I love watching amateurs because it’s so real. They don’t dress up in unrealistic lingerie, use outlandish toys, do it in exotic locations and locales, or generally try to be anything but what they are – the girl and guy next door doing what we all know they do, only in a place where we can watch them doing it.
The movies are sharp and clear so you can see all they’ve got without poor lighting or fuzzy focus getting in the way and the couples may well be amateur porn movie makers but you wouldn’t know it; they give it all they’ve got without restraint or inhibition. They need to cum and they want to cum with somebody watching, exhibitionism adds spice to their sexual games as voyeurism adds spice to our desire to be part of it all.

Security at DanskePar

DanskePar takes its public duties seriously so they’re joined up with ASACP and RTA, which both provide adults the means to effectively filter web content on their personal computers and so allow only adult people to watch erotica. The DanskePar site’s landing page does have explicitly sexual photos, which, when you hover over them, move to show additional stills from the full movie but clicking on the images takes a casual visitor to the membership registration and sign up form. Becoming a member requires payment details and cards that ensure the applicant is an adult.
The site records and keeps U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement documentation demonstrating its girls were adults at the time the movies were made and they also you comply with European Data Protection Regulations.

DanskePar’s Pricing

Visit DanskePar by signing up for a 2 day Trial, with access to the Fucking Awesome Network, or a 3-day Trial, with access to Madporn Network, both for $0.95. That way you can get to see what the site is about and decide if it’s the one for you. If it is the one for you, take out a thirty-day membership for about $51 (actual price will depend on the exchange rate at the time) or a 90-day membership for about $80. The site is updated regularly so your money is well spent.
Registering is by way of a simple online form that asks for a username, password and e-mail address and you pay using Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard. Don’t be concerned about what might show up on your card statement because all that does appear is ‘Vendo’ and that won’t raise any unwanted questions. If you’ve been searching for something overseas and out-of the-ordinary, check out DanskePar. Maybe you’ll find yourself a home-from-home there – anyhow, give them a try and find out!

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