Czech Streets is one of the twenty-seven Czech AV network’s porn sites, all brought to us from the Czech Republic and each featuring a different site concept. Czech Streets is their site where a man with a camera offers ‘women on the street’ money to have sex with him. Even more excitingly, the request is to have sex with him on the street or at least somewhere public nearby. This particular site and concept has been running for eight years so you know they’re going to be around throughout your membership if you join.

Czech AV sites are all about real amateur exclusive content and the Czech Streets videos are evidence of their authenticity. Not every woman they approach says yes but many do and they seem to love being part of the whole experience. Maybe there’s a bit of exhibitionist in all of us and it just needs a push to bring it out. If amateur girls having sex in front of a camera gets your motor running then you need to consider this site and network. And membership of Czech Streets is the same as joining Czech AV and all its sites and over a thousand hot amateur women. It’s good value because the network has an update every day of the year.

Czech Streets’ movies are good quality amateur footage, much better than you’d expect from handheld spur-of-the-moment filming while engaged in sex. And the girls who agree to play along are amazingly attractive, not at all what you might expect. Maybe it’s because gorgeous women are approached less often by men (so research says) that they’re happy to be propositioned and it isn’t the money being offered at all. As the ‘streets’ being trawled by our roving reporter are in central Europe, the women are generally Caucasians cuties, which may say sound limited but there’s enough variation in shapes and sizes to keep any sensible man’s interest.

Czech Street picture

Design and Features

There are a number of sites on the web that have the ‘offer money to women for sex’ concept behind them, though it doesn’t seem to be a hugely popular niche. I guess it’s one of those idle thoughts we all have once in a while but have no intention of following up on. Of these kinds of sites, I think this one is the one that looks most like it’s true. Maybe it’s just the hand held camera and the unscripted dialogue that makes it seem real but, whatever it is, it has that feel where the other, more professional, sites look staged.
The site’s layout is easy on the eye (lots of explicit images and a video clip) and easy to use – if you become a member. If you’re just visiting you get the introductory clip and a look at the images. At the bottom of the page is an area showing the network’s other sites and clicking on one takes you straight there. If you’re still in two minds about Czech Streets, visit these other sites, all of which you get for your one membership, and you’ll be sold.
When you become a member, you get access to all their quick streaming movies, as well as their downloadable photo galleries and DVDs. There are no extra expenses to pay; your membership covers everything. And if something doesn’t work, they have a Helpline that will fix the problem and get you quickly back viewing their sweet content.
The biggest benefit to your membership is having access to all the other sites. No matter how good a site is, and Czech Streets is very good, we all like some variety in life, especially our sex life. What kinds of exciting things will you see on this network? How about orgies? Lots of attractive men and women having sex with each other in all kinds of ways at the same time and in one fairly tight space, such as in a home (Home Orgy) or garden (Garden Party). Or have you ever wanted to watch women as they do whatever they do in private places, such as the Sauna, the Solarium, or a store change room? Czech AV has sites for all those and more.

Girls and Videos

Czech Streets theme means girls who appear here are the girl-next-door who can be met on any street in the world, or at least in the Czech Republic part of the world. There are no ‘stars’, just girls you like to look at and would love to spend some time with. They are of all the varieties of form and figure you might expect from central Europe, with the occasional addition of a girl from elsewhere, such as Asia.
With a theme that relies on a man asking women to have sex for money, you’re going to get straight hetero sex as it can be practiced in an almost public place. While that may seem restrictive, it doesn’t prevent our adventurous couples from blowjobs, cunnilingus, licking and sucking nipples and other sensitive parts or anal sex. With enough courage and some privacy, people can do almost anything.
For those who love other aspects of human sexuality, Czech AV delivers a wide range of other sexy playfulness; for example, Lesbian sex with its focus on girl-on-girl action or Fantasy and Dungeon sex with their edgy practices that we all might dream of once in a while.


This is a great site for lovers of spontaneous sex between the man and woman in public and in this case definitely not the ‘average’ woman on the street. I prefer amateur performers to professionals when it comes to erotica because that’s what I like to see, however, even for those of us who love the hot chicks and cool photography of a professional site, I think you’ll find enough here to satisfy your desires. Czech Streets, in common with the other Czech AV sites, features clear photography so you can see every bit of her and with attractive enough women that make you want to see every bit. Give Czech Streets and the rest of Czech AV a closer inspection and you’ll see I’m right.

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