Considering the name which the site Czech Bitch comprises of, you will probably assume that it is all about a pleasant chick from Czech Republic who explains the world about her sexual adventures. But, this website which is a proud part of the elite Czech AV Network records the ventures of a guy who calls himself Sheriff Mirek. This dude is like an average looking guy who has a car and roams around the streets of the Czech Republic. However underneath his normal nature exists, a sexual need which wants to come out every time he sees a hot prostitute standing on the street doing her duties! The guy takes his vehicle towards these whores and engages in a conversation with them. He offers them money to come inside his car just to talk in a more profound manner and eventually with his mastery of words, he bewitches them into sucking his hard and aroused cock and letting him fuck the life out of them at the back seat. These whores have little idea that the car which Mirek lures them in is stacked with tons of spy cameras which is mainly put to capture the life footage of whatever sex rendezvous takes place inside. The fucking is really hardcore and the cameras which have been put also appear to be of great quality. Even if the action has the look of homemade porn videos, they are clarity filled and prove to be great viewing specimens. Mirek is a smooth talker we have to give him for that and equally good is his knack of picking hot prostitutes from the local slut regions of Czech Republic. These chicks are not porn stars and neither are they as glamorous as them, but they sure know how to play with a cock, making it hard and fuck ready and they sure know how to generate romance. Plus in the videos you will also find some of these girls being so horny they just want Mirek to keep drilling them, speaking bad words as well as biting his shoulders as well as scratching his back- craving for more! Mirek offers them money and makes a pact with them in expert fashion and the girls also become ready to tango with him in an ecstasy of erotic sex. The videos are all of decent sizes ranging from about 25-45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to stimulate yourselves. Plus all the action is 100% uncensored with none of the good stuff being pixelated. When I was checking out the website, one of my favorite scenes was when Mirek bangs a hot and busty MILF, pays her off and sends her back and then again picks up a tender aged women whom he learns is the girl of the MILF whom he drilled and a slut just like her mother. Some of the other important aspects of the site are presented in the upcoming segments, so read closely.

Great pay porn site with sexy Czech girls.

Design & Features

As you enter the site, you will find a big banner displaying some of the explicit stuff which the website has in its arsenal. Below them are the navigation options which you can use to access the different pages of the site. You will find a brief description also which will introduce you to the main theme of the site and also that it a part of one of the elite panel of porn providers in the realm. The accessibility is a breeze and with the impressive user interface you will have a lovely time in then site. The website is also very good in responding to whatever moves and clicks you make. As you move down the home page, one by one the video previews will come up. These previews have descriptions about the video, some relevant pictures as well as the duration of the action, clearly given. These preview samples appear to be superb in picture as well as sound quality and watching them will make you come to terms about why the quality of the site is so loved and appreciated by porn lovers across the world. But if you want to make these videos your own by downloading them, then you will need to set up membership. Safe to say, there is no rocket science involved here as all you are needed to do is enter your name, your email address and with that an appropriate username and a watch word to access your account. The rate of the packages is also given on that very page and going with the one which seems to be suitable for your needs, you can send out the request to the site. A confirmation will present you with your affiliation and also give you the freedom to check out all the content of this site as well the other networks which are included in the Czech Av Network. The security of the site is also superlative and will protect whatever details you have given to the site. The site allows you a host of different payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards as well as also with cheque. Plus if you face some problems, the customer care service will assist you with your issues. The updates are also frequent and always give you interesting content to access on your every log in.

Girls & Videos

The girls whom Mirek picks up are real whores from the streets of Czech Republic and they all are offered money to come and tango with him. Mirek fucks them hard and erotically and finishes off with a spray of hot muck on their faces, their boobs and also sometimes inside their glory holes. The girls are hot and chirpy and are ready to do anything for a hand full of cash. The shots are taken with hidden cameras but they are great for viewing. You can avail them by downloading it as well as streaming it. The compatibility of the site makes it easy for you to watch them even on your cell phones. There are no pictures to enjoy and that is a real shame but the 40 something videos do make up for it in more ways than one. An account here means setting access to about 20+ sites in the Czech AV Network some of them namely Czech Streets, Czech gang bang, Czech Amateurs, Czech Lesbians and etc.


The Czech Bitch is a great place for you if you love amateur porn action. The promises are fulfilled amazingly and the bonus sites are a real jackpot. The pages are accessible easily and the subscriptions are cost convenient. What else can you ask for?

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