What defines a real hardcore porn fan? Is it someone who is currently a member of a big porn network? Is it a guy who is a member of multiple porn networks? Or is it someone who currently owns a massive library of different porn DVDs at home, while still having a membership from some of the porn sites online? Yes, it could be very hard to define what makes a real porn fan, especially when almost everyone who watches porn claims to be one. Here is how we define a real porn fan, though. A real and hardcore fan of pornography must be someone who owns a multimedia collection. We know that being a member of an expensive porn network, or better yet, multiple porn sites are impressive. We are very fortunate to be able to access different porn sites here in the office because we write reviews for them, but aside from that the rest is pure work, really. However, being a regular porn watcher online doesn’t make you a hardcore fan. Like we have mentioned, it must be multimedia, which means that aside from the online porn sites, you have other access to porn like porn magazines, reading materials, and DVDs. It could be pretty difficult maintaining this collection or “hobby”, though, because one must have to work hard and access different websites. Aside from that, one must also search offline for adult DVDs and magazines. Fortunately, we have found an easier way. We have found a one-stop shop for everything that you will ever need and want in your porn obsession: Cheri. They have all the different porn videos belonging to different categories that you would ever want to watch. Aside from that, you may also access their massive DVD collection as well. And finally, you will be able to gain access to their magazines as well. You will get everything by just signing up for membership. As if this offer cannot get any more awesome, a bonus more than fifteen high-quality porn sites had been thrown into the package as well. Some of these sites are Leg Action (for those who love long legs), Tranny Kingz (perfect if you are a fan of tranny and gonzo porn), and D-Cup (which features big boobs), just to mention a few of them. It would be impossible for us to list down everything in this short article so what we suggest is for you to take a look at their porn site list instead, on your own.

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Design and Features

As what we have already mentioned, this porn site is a one-stop shop for everything that is related to porn, so we know that it must have been quite a challenge trying to layout the homepage, and all the other pages in the porn site, in a way that would give chance for each of the site’s content to be seen and featured. We have said this because they were very successful in doing so! Everything you need feels like it is all on one page, the homepage, and that you would not need to take a look at the other pages anymore because everything you need is already right there. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will see a wide banner that contains that logo of the site, a photo of a porn star sucking cock, and finally, a short description of what this porn site is all about. Below the banner, you will then see their really big thumbnails. Honestly, at first, we thought that it was too big and it felt a bit excessive, but after taking a longer look into the big thumbnails, we have realized that we might just have given it this hasty thought because we were so used to seeing much more compact thumbnails in other porn sites. After some thought, we actually think that the size of these thumbnails are actually better because it will give you a better view of what’s happening in the video and a better idea of the videos’ quality. After these previews, you will then see two other sets of thumbnails. The first one features their latest DVD releases while the second one shows the latest magazines that they have published.

Girls and Videos

Did you know that Cheri is actually pretty big in the porn industry? It has survived for the past thirty years providing us porn fans, quality porn through magazines, and then later on through the internet. In this light, they certainly have a big collection of different porn models coming from different categories and countries. We are sure that any man would find the girl of his dreams with them. We also like how the porn site has the perfect balance of famous and fresh porn stars. In this way, you would be able to watch the veterans and porn giants at work, while, at the same time, you will be able to enjoy the fresh and vibrant energy of up and coming porn stars. As for the videos, they have a massive library already which ensures you unlimited hours of pure cum and fun! Like what we have already mentioned above, this is a one-stop shop for everything about porn. Hence, aside from their photos and video collection, you will also gain access to their DVDs and magazines! Finally, their thirty years of experience have also made sure that they have all the areas of porn practically covered already.


In the end, you will never regret signing up for Cheri because it is really a one-of-a-kind site. So much so that we even think you will regret if you don’t sign up for them! Don’t worry, their membership options are affordable, and every option comes with free bonus sites, free gifts, and other wonderful membership perks.

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