Black stepdad is not a scam as you might believe, they are a totally legit site. The tour page promises you more than you will get when you sign up. They promise you regularly updated material but that is as far as they go. That being said, black stepdad is an interracial black-stepdad/white-stepdaughter niche or an older-generation/millenial-generation niche. As the name suggests, the black guys are the stepdads and engage in illicit sex with their stepdaughters.

Black Step Dad website

Design and Features

Black stepdad tour page has around 28 medium sized thumbnails of the action contained in the videos. These are quality pictures that show you what awaits when you subscribe to the page. I wish there was a girls index page or the link to sort the videos by update. Navigation is ok and you can sign from any page. At the bottom of the page, there are a number of links that show the site has 120 pages. What I like about the design of the site is that it’s pretty simple and functional. There are no dull colors or pop up ads that will distract you as watch your videos. They have also followed the responsive design route so that means you can comfortably browse the site on your mobile phone as well. Page load speed is ok. They max out at 5mbs for your downloads. Content isn’t much right now. I want to believe that they will add a search function, categories, or tags as the site grows. However, there is an option to comment on the videos and rate them. You can do this via the comments section ( only available for members).

Girls and Videos

At the mention of stepdaughters, you expect the girls to be below the age of consent. In this case, your expectations are met. The models are all between 19-23 years. From their appearance and demeanor, they are amateurs to semi-professional models. I didn’t see any of the A-list models just the average B-list and C-list models. As for the action, scenes are interesting. You’ll see lots of dick sucking and pussy grinding. Videos are okay but am not sure if they are in HD. The resolutions top out at 60×540 with an average 2500kb/s bitrate. As of now, videos are only available for download as MP4. Members can download as many vids as they want as there’s currently no download limits. As from the images, there are also photo sets available. The photo sets come at an acceptable size of 900×1350. Photos are also available for download as zipped files. Something worth mentioning is that the guys here went with the usual racial stereotypes when it comes to the black guys ( massive dicks). You get a scene where the black guy is coming out of jail and even has an ankle bracelet. It would have been nice for a change to show the black guys as being something different. Say a lawyer or an entrepreneur. But the concept is ok and blends well with theme.


Black stepdad is a pretty new site with interesting content and room for growth. Models are fresh amateurs, scenes are shot professionally and images are of good quality. While there are no A-list models or pornstars, available models are fun to watch and know how to keep you engrossed. Right now there isn’t supplementary material from the network. Overall, this a site with a great concept and great potential.

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