Have you ever noticed that white girls seem to get more credit in the porn scene? Yes, we understand that even in Hollywood, the best black actors still get discriminating comments from time to time, and some people still claim that even the biggest stars don’t get the recognition that they deserve just because of their color. However, we think that there should be a big difference when it comes to the porn scene, though, because after all, some of the hottest and sexiest icons in the world today are black. Do you believe in the same thing? Are you also a fan of black beauties? For us, we think that their bodies have more character and appeal as compared to their paler counterparts. It is surprising to think, though, that black men get even more attention in porn than women. Well, today is a time for change. For those who enjoy watching black beauties as much as we do, we are going to feature a porn site right now that offers the hottest black ladies on the internet. This porn site is aptly called BlackHeat. We did not see any mention of a porn network on the porn site itself so we are guessing that it is a standalone site, but even so, it is definitely more than enough to satisfy your cravings for black pussy. In total, the porn site has over fifty thousand full-length high-definition videos, and these are all exclusive to BlackHeat, which means that you won’t be able to see their porn videos elsewhere. We are also pleased to mention that the collection is still growing by the day. Yes, that’s right. This porn site offers daily updates so there is a reason for you to drop by the porn site every single day to witness something new. It should not be too hard given that the entire site along with all of its contents is mobile-optimized. Just imagine, you are hanging out with a friend, and you’ve got nothing else better to do. You are in a bar and you’re drinking, when you suddenly pull out your phone and say “hey, wanna watch some black hotties get fucked?” that would be pretty awesome, right? And this is exactly what you are going to enjoy once you have successfully signed up for membership with the porn site. This leads us to the next part of this review, and probably the best thing about this site other than the videos. Don’t worry, everything is pretty basic. BlackHeat will only ask you to enter your username, email, postal code, and country. Of course, you would be asked to create a password as well, and for security purposes, you will be asked to verify your age. And that’s it. You may already enter the porn site as a premium member.

Black Heat teaser

Design and Features

Once you have landed on the homepage of the site, the striking beauty of the black ladies within their porn site will be the first to welcome you. This is because their header or banner is made up of a collage of the different pictures of their hottest ladies. Aside from this visually-enticing aspect of the porn site through the use of their models’ pictures, the overall look of the site is still very simple and basic. The background of the site is plain white, complemented by the red design elements like the frame of their thumbnails. Speaking of which, below this banner, you will already see the different thumbnails of their latest videos. We have absolutely enjoyed these thumbnails because they are very interactive, unlike the thumbnails of other porn sites. Upon first glance, you would notice that some thumbnails only feature an image (which is probably the hottest scene of that particular video). Some thumbnails though contain a short clip, more like a gif image of the video. Once you hover over the static thumbnails, though, it will show you even more screenshots which give you a better idea of what the whole video is about. Aside from these images and short trailers, other information can also be found on the thumbnails. These are the video’s title, its length, and its five-star rating. Finally, these thumbnails fill up the entire page. Apparently, there are more than a hundred pages containing more thumbnails, and what do you expect coming from a site with over fifty thousand videos, right?

Girls and Videos

Anyway, enough of that and let us talk about the most important part of this review, the girls. Staying true to the theme and genre of this porn site, BlackHeat only features black ladies. White models are not allowed here. However, if you are thinking that this limits the types of girls that you are going to see in the site, then you are absolutely wrong. It won’t. In fact, there are different types of girls here and you are free to take your pick. Do you love big butts? They have those here. Man, black chicks have the best asses on porn! Do you love tits? They have those here too. This porn site also has some of the biggest black boobs on porn. And the same goes for the other types of girls that you can think off. As for the videos, all of them have great quality with crisp and clear images. We also like that the porn site features different scenes. It definitely shows us the creativity of the people behind BlackHeat. This is the reason why we recommend that you take your time in exploring the site.


Keep in mind that there are not a lot of quality porn sites around that features the beauty of black chicks. Hence, if you really enjoy this type of porn then we totally suggest that you sign up for this porn site and become a member. After all, signing up is free so what do you have to lose?

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