I have been lonely once, so lonely, in fact, that it made my life almost impossible to bear, and such a burden is something that no person should ever experience. The paralyzing fear and agony is really unhelpful, especially if you have work to do, or people to take care of. That is why I was literally saved when I found Big Church, where people of similar spiritual beliefs meet to exchange their experiences and love, and sometimes, enjoy one another’s company, as they become lifelong partners.

Design and Features

The site is there to help you in every possible way to find your partner or friend. It is designed in such a way that it will captivate you, yet remain simple looking, and direct enough so that you could find a person suitable to you, in a moment’s notice. The front page has a registration form floating around a nice picture of two people embraced in a hug, against the blue sky. With the perks of the site listed below, and all the necessary things you would need to do to join, it becomes simple and really a lovely thing, to become a member of this site. The site also guides you, textually, and in another way, simply by having no lag, whatsoever. That is something every site should have, and especially these ones that promote friendship and care. Customer care is also of the best quality, as you will also have access to a mobile application, which will in turn enable to find the people you like on the go.

Girls and Videos

When I logged on to my profile, the easy to use site was very friendly, guiding me to complete my profile in the fastest and most efficient way. That was helpful, so much that I instantly got friend requests, by people so nice that they started pulling me out of my misery well. It was not long after that I found people who would become my lifelong friends, there to comfort me in every situation, and to have fun whenever we would feel like it. The site also has the matching options, suggesting to you people who are near you, or simply have the same or similar beliefs and desires. That is easily translated into a friendship, or even more, should you happen to like the person that much. Finding yourself in a romantic relationship after visiting this site is really not that uncommon, especially due to the fact that the people there are also in need of new friends or even partners, in life, love and every other part of your existence. Likewise, people here are spiritual, which means that you would share a connection that transcends the physical, and moves into other spheres of life. Lose not a second more and get rid of the loneliness that has been plaguing you, find yourself in a world where people will be there for you, every step of the way.


Like mentioned before, this site is made for the people who praise the spiritual side of life, and who are there to meet new people and join them in life, love and friendship. Fear not the loneliness and the agony of being without people around you and just join, it is free and best of all, you will be supported by not just the members, but by the staff of Big Church, too.

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