The BangAMidget is a quite interesting, or we could even say “extraordinary” hardcore porn site. It has a fine selection of midget porn videos, in which you can watch normal-sized folks banging around with midgets, girls and guys alike. It’s kinky, it’s a bit of a fetish, and it’s so weird at first that you won’t be able to look away. As a midget-porn website, the BangAMidget launched sometime around 2005, and it was updated regularly until 2010. At least, according to the content dates, the last scene was added then. Well, that’s not much of an issue, as the site has a truly kinky niche covered, and the videos here are hard to come by on other sites. In fact, you can’t find them on other porn sites, as this collection is totally exclusive.

Naturally a not updating porn site isn’t too interesting, we can agree on that. But how about a not really active porn site which grants you access to more than 90 sites, and a lot more? Yes, that’s more like it, right? Now, the BangAMidget is a fine choice for its juicy content, but the extras are what make it really worthwhile. There are over 90 sites, or at least that’s what the site claims. The best way to make you curios is to say that over 35,000 different porn videos are waiting for you inside, covering various hardcore niches, and granting you access to a wide range of different models too. Also, as some extra content, you can browse the titles of a large DVD library. There are live cam shows to access too, and a basic membership on a dating site is implemented too.

Top porn site for midget lovers.

Design and Features

Since the site hadn’t updated for a while, it’s somewhat expected that it doesn’t have a modern look. To be honest, the BangAMidget actually looks really 2000s, but that won’t cause any issue, as you are not visiting the site to stare at the tour page. You could stare, and see what it has, but the best way to actually get the chill is to enter the members’ area. You are going to find inside a large number menu options, and there are some fine navigation tools for you. The search is a basic one, but it can get you the content you seek. It’s highly recommended that you browse the collection by the sites’, or visit the bonus sites separately.

The videos were shot before the HD era begun, or at least before it became a regular expectation from online porn. That’s the reason why this site offers only one quality, but in two different formats. As these are studio-made shots, the actual quality is better than expected, and the videos look fine on full-screen. The stream loads fast, and the Flash-player does its job properly. You are going to see here some interesting photos too, be sure to check them for some extra angle on the action. For these, they grant you zip packages too.

Girls and Videos

Well, on the BangAMidget you are going to find some interesting pieces of people, midgets. You are going to find out that size really doesn’t matter as these girls are quite hot, and the guys are nicely hung. On the BangAMidget you can find midget girls who get banged by normal-height guys, and they seem to love it pretty much. If you are not into this kind of porn, then it’s certain that the videos won’t really interest you, and you won’t get turned on. However if you have been looking for this, then you will see that it’s one of the best sites you could’ve found around. So, let us return to the girls, they are hot, and they are short. Also, as the site features reversed banging, some normal-height girls are available too. These cuties are taking on midget guys, who seem very much appreciate those fine boobs and asses. Among the males you can find midgets and normal too. There is some ethnic variety too, as some of the guys are not Caucasians. Most of the models are professionals, they are not amateurs from next door, that much is true, but there might be a few among them who have just started doing this porn thing seriously, and the video on this is one of their first shots.

The videos here are shot in reality-style, and the girls get picked up or the guys are seduced to have sex with that midget. There are no complicated stories, in fact, they are just getting it on quite quickly. There won’t be much talking in these videos, so don’t expect much: the motivation of the parties is to have some fucking fun. The scenes are usually taking place in apartments, or at least in apartment-like environment. Well, there videos from bathrooms too, so it’s a variety. Now, after the picking up, you will see the girls getting naked. Since the women are short, they don’t have to kneel to suck their man’s cock, and they are easy to move around too. Actually, the sex is real hardcore, and the large differences of the couple makes it more exciting. We were surprised to see that even some hot anal sex happens to, which is really amazing, everything considered. The videos are usually going on for about 15 minutes, and during that time, you can enjoy some hard, full-round intercourses, featuring midgets on normal-size person.


The BangAMidget is exciting, and the basic idea it represents is really kinky. As these short people take on regular-sized men and women, you are going to see that they are the same, only shorter. These videos will satisfy those who like midgets, and those who like to watch porn that is more extraordinary than the regular stuff you can see.

This site is no longer updated