The AnimeGames is not an ordinary porn site. Instead of videos, you can find here a large collection of adult games. Thought it’s not a too good way to jerk off, since you have to use your hands to control the games, you will certainly find it that these games are fun. Playing adult games is like enjoying some live cam shows, the only difference is that you can replay the games and do things otherwise if you wasn’t satisfied with the show. You might find it surprising, but the AnimeGames has been online for a very long time. As far as the information can be dug up, it seems that they launched this spectacular page in 1999, so it’s not a newbie. At this time, the site still keeps up, and there are new games added. Though some say that they rotate the content, it’s quite hard to believe, since most games are using the latest Flash, and they look much better than those that were made years ago. So, let us say that there are new content added, though on an irregular base. This site isn’t a standalone one. Concerning the bonuses it seems likely that you get a network access if you have a full membership, and you are an active member. The AnimeGames is part of site-family which is network of hentai and sex-game sites’. You will find it to be a pretty satisfying experience to be a member if you prefer drawn girls rather than real ones. Every site has its main type of content, and as a member, you gain access to one of the biggest collection of hentai videos and other mediums. Apart from the real hentai which comes from Japan in the form of videos, games and comics, you can find here parody-like stuff too: there are comics, which feature not just hentai but porn-parody of Batman for example. Also the games doesn’t necessarily offer real hentai, most of them feature Western porn elements and Caucasian girls. However, there are actual porn sites in the network, which feature living girls, who are not products of imagination, like the TotallyBlondes or the EroticCheerleaders. For bonuses, you also gain access to more than 5,000 hardcore DVD titles, so apart from the hot hentai and the games, you get to watch real porn too. As you may expect, the content here is not exclusive. These games, videos and comics are available on other sites. However, you should remember: this is a great collection, and you don’t have to join multiple sites, just this one, so you can access them quite easily.

Good pay porn website with adult games.

Design & Features

You will find navigating through the AnimeGames pretty easy; this is true for the tour too. If you are just visiting, you can see a simple site in front of you. For actual insight a few trailer videos are offered, though they mostly grant you just a bit of insight. The members’ area is quite a good one. There are several menus, so navigation is simple. The search bar is on the top and it’s a basic one; nonetheless it’s enough to scan the collection for things you might like.
The main menu is the one on the top: it can take you to different types of the Flash-content, and also features a link to the bonus sites’ page. Your account menu is also neat, you can see the visited galleries, your favorites and even the items you rated. Under the account menu, you can find the contents’ menu. There are different option to browse the movies, the pictures, just as you can reach the extras and a list of the top categories. The games are all available in the browser, it seems you can’t download them. With the average computers of today it shouldn’t be a problem to play them. They are all in Flash format, so make sure you have the latest version of that and of your browser. Since the site’s main niche is adult games, you can considered the provided picture sets to be bonuses. These are high-res galleries of hentai chicks posing and getting fucked hard. You can save them as zip files.

Girls & Videos

The girls of the AnimeGames are products of imagination. Since they are not real, there is no limit to their variety and it’s even quite hard to detect their ethnicity. However, as you will see it too, they all have tight bodies and breasts big as a melon and they are fairly capable of doing anything. Since these girls are not real, their level of expertise can’t be measured, though it’s always evident by their roles. Since they collects mostly games, let’s talk about them a bit. These games are very varied, and you are the one who can make them happen, you decide the next step, thus you can have a feeling of control. Naturally, all of these games are about sex, so there isn’t anything else that could happen. However, as you will see there are some very nasty things going on, and the games feature interracial and interspecies sex, just as ‘normal’ heavy hardcore niches. There are about 340 hentai videos too, which offer you real hentai experience, and these are also downloadable so you can build your own compilation.


At first glance the AnimeGames doesn’t really seem to be serious site, but as you dig deeper, or even join, you will see that there are lots of good things inside. The overall amount of content and we mean the games here is good, and though the updates are no that regular, the actually available games will keep you busy until the next update. Also the great number of bonuses is something that you should take note of, because there are hardly any networks that features hentai, adult games and actual hardcore porn in one membership. These bonuses simply make the site to be a recommended one, not just for the hentai-fans.

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