Alt is a community dating site that allows users the chance to view BDSM videos and participate in community discussions. You are provided with a full model profile that is complete with pictures and data. You can connect chat and hook up with a girl on the site as you take part in the community sharing options.

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Design and Features

Alt is a user-based site that is driven by the continuous preferences of the visitors. There are, therefore many user friendly tools that you can use to access what you want. I loved their search tools that are tweaked to find content on a wide range of variables. Users can search for the favorite girls basing on the geographical locations, popular girls; the most sought after people and all. You could also zero in on the people in your zip code if you are based in the US. If you are a UK resident, you have the option to choose what you want from a list of cities. There is a host of links that take you to the various segments of the site and the services that they offer. You also enjoy live member cams that contain some lively titillating explicit content. You can access Alt with your mobile phone. I loved the way the content loads easily. The live cam shows are also smooth and flawless as you stream. There is a feature that allows all members to reach you. You have to pay a fee for this membership plan though. There is a range of membership plans; from basic to premium. The basic plans have limited access to various features including the chat forums and the permissions to access the full profiles of other members you might be interested in. Although the basic membership is free, you are allowed a lot more access to services when you join a paid membership plan.

Girls and Videos

Alt teems with beautiful girls in natural settings. The live cam shows are the most exciting and the most explicit yet. You get a remarkable amount of personalized entertainment in BDSM. I loved the way the girls get their groove on once you click the play button. You only need to provide some basic information to begin enjoying what this dating/porn site has to offer. There is a lot of community sharing and group discussion that ensues. If you are turned on by real girls in real places that might as well be your hood, Alt gives you a chance to interact with hotties that only show you their sex might when you ask them to do so. Alt is rather mild when it comes to real BDSM entertainment. You have access to many entertaining videos that lift your spirit on Alt. If you prefer still images, you are given those in sufficient amounts too. I loved the blog forums that provide you with the latest developments and what to expect from members. There are over 1.6 million users on Alt.


Alt is a conspicuous alternative to the regular porn that you may have already got used to. There is an option to sit back and enjoy as members interact, seduce each other and hook up, or join in the heat of action to see what you will emerge with. The pics and videos are clear quality content that makes you want to keep watching.

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