The 88Square is a hot site, featuring stunning Asian beauties from possibly all Asian countries, thus providing the members a large variety. The site has some incredible claims as introductory promises, since it says to have lots of HD movies, has daily updates, more than 3200 models and claims to give access to a whole network of sites. Now these are big words, let’s see if the site can live up to its claims, or it’s just another bogus. The first thing you will notice if you land on the tour page of the 88Square is that there are only Asians on the thumbnails. And not just those very popular and amazing Japanese girls are there; no, you can find here some more exotic chicks like Thai, Philippine or Vietnamese cuties. You shouldn’t worry about the variety of the models, don’t expect to see the same chicks over and over again.

88Square indeed has growing number HD videos, and all of the recent (and possibly all upcoming) additions are in at least 720p resolution. This part of the promises is kept, and though the collection is rather large, not all videos are HD, so you will meet with some lower definitions, but they all give an excellent playback quality, so the excitement is guaranteed. The site is updated daily, and if we look at the weekly numbers, it seems that there are 3 videos and 4 photo sets added each week. This is not a bad number, when you think about it, because there are sites out there that have bi-weekly and monthly updates, and you may also encounter frozen sites that weren’t updated for years, though they claim to be regularly updated. When you become a member on the 88Square, you automatically gain access to the whole network that it’s a member of. You will probably laugh on this, but the name of the network is FullNetworkAccess.

Who knows who the genius was who came up with this name, but as hilarious as it may look like at first, you must give it a good point for being straight, and not hiding behind some fantasy name. No matter which network site you register on, you get a full network access, that’s a fact, there is no argument. There are 14 sites included in your membership, and most of them are featuring Asian models, so you could say that this network is Asian-centric, but as you will see, there are some Caucasian models throughout the sites. The exclusivity of the videos is a promise that’s a bit unsure. Most of the videos seem to be exclusive that you can’t find anywhere else, but there are also a pile of scenes that are coming from other sites and from DVDs. Though at first glance, an experienced porn watcher should also say that these are scenes that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

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Design & Features

The tour page where you land after typing in the address of the 88Square is a modern and good-looking website. Though it offers only the thumbnails to browse, you are able to collect some actual insight on the videos you will find inside. The top of the page features the main heading with changing pictures and the features of the site (and of the network), and above this you can see the main menu. Each option is working, but if you click on a thumbnail you land on the profile of the featured model, where you can see all her work collected at one place. The members’ zone features a basic search engine and categories tags.

On the right side of the pages you can see the most viewed updates and the links to the network sites. There is a Flash-video stream that you can access from your browser if you want to watch a scene. The speed of the connection is pretty good, and when you land on the video’s page, you can enjoy it in a matter of seconds. As a member on the 88Square you can also enjoy the benefits in the form of the unlimited downloads, and if you want, you can build up your own Asian porn video library of MP4 files. The site has a huge picture gallery too, that you can access from the members’ zone easily. These high quality photos and screen captions are available online, or you can save them in zip folders.

Girls & Videos

Thought the site and the network are Asian-focused, at last you found a site that features multiple Asian ethnicities (or nationalities?) and you can enjoy a large variety while you are on this site. The body types are also very varied, you may find here cute girls with somewhat thicker bodies, and there are also many skinny cuties with playful perky tits. Don’t worry though, you will find here large boobs too and there are so many and so amazing ass, that you mind will blow when you see them in action.

The videos here are all scripted, it’s not an amateur porn site, and all of the movies are made and performed by professionals. There are scenes that are telling stories, while others are usually featuring just straight sex (these are the majority). There are more than 785 videos here, and it’s quite sure that you will find what you are looking for among them. There are many porn niches covered in the videos, so expect to see blowjobs, handjobs, analingus, and all holes are used in the videos, so pussy and anal sex also has its place.

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