The 60PlusMILFs is one of those sites we warmly recommend to members of that circle which gathers the guys who have a thing for old ladies. On this site, you are going to watch really nice and sexy old ladies (some are nearer to 70 than 60) getting the fucking they need, or deserve. This is a highly rated porn site, and it’s because it may not look too handsome, it has all the features a good mature-focused portal needs. It’s only six years old but due to the update frequency it has a neat collection for the members’ to enjoy. The actual schedule is like this: they add two videos each month, and a photo gallery every week.

Both mediums are great, and they worth exploring. Some sites usually go down after a year or two, especially such a special niche, but this one seem to be a real hit, as it’s still active and up-to-date. You get access to another site of the company, the 50PlusMILFs. There are a bit fresher ladies doing hardcore sex, but they are going to fit your tastes, especially of just horny about know that they are older than the regular MILFs you can find around the web. The content of that site is exclusive too, and it looks like it’s updating still.

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Design and Features

This home page is very simple, it might be even a bit too simple for your taste, but let us tell you: don’t worry about that. The tour is just a tour, and after you browsed through the home page, and watch the preview clip, you should head for the members’ area. When you are in, you can start to enjoy your membership. For browsing, they won’t overwhelm you with options, however, the simple search and the easy-to-use menu are more than enough to explore this compilation. It won’t be hard to find what you are looking for, and the accessing the other site’s content isn’t to hard either.

In case you prefer your porn streamed, we have some good news: HD streaming is possible, thus you don’t have to compromise, just enjoy what you can find here. Anyway, those who love to save the porn they like, they can do so quite easily. Download managers are not allowed, but there are no limitations, so grab what you like and save it for rainy days. You will find here photo galleries, which will come in archived files, so you can save them all easily. As the site has been changed to be mobile-friendly, you will find it quite easy to navigate through on such devices.

Girls and Videos

This site has some old ladies for your entertainment! As you dig deep into the core of the collection, you are going to find here women coming from the 60-70 years old ranges, and as you are going to find it out, they are real deal. The site calls them 60+ MILFs, but they are rather GILF, as in Granny I’d Like to Fuck, because they are far beyond the regular age we consider them MILFs. What’s the best about them? Well, these ladies are all horny, and they are naturals. There are no fake breasts, they weren’t going through surgeries to look like they are just… 50, because that’s all the surgery could grant them. No, they have their body intact, and they might have gone through their phases, they look much fresher than the age the site claims, however, we are certain that they did not lie about their age. So, we have here a bunch of hot grannies, fucking like 20 years old girls, and seems some of them was quite surprised about the size of that cock they have to take in. Those who like to watch this kind of pornography, will come to the conclusion that this is a site they simply couldn’t miss. Here they can find a large number of women, who are looking for some banging, and among the hotties, there are some great Asians too, which just gives that spice we are looking for.

Now, the site doesn’t offer you hardcore studio-made porn. It’s all shot in a semi-professional way, and the videos are quite hard and juicy. We love amateurs, and after all the bullshit the mainstream studios stuff down our throat it’s always a fine change to find a site with real sex and real people. Now the ladies are not the freshest, so they are not doing too acrobatic positions for you, however what they do is pretty awesome. The guys are handling then nicely, though they are not exactly gentle. As you are going to see, these ladies may have seen big wars, and they saw the world change after the 80’s, but they haven’t got their fair share of fucking. That’s the reason why they are so eager to hop on those fresh, lively cocks, and let the owner fuck their soul out of them. These flicks are taking place in bedroom and living room environment, and they don’t follow any strict storylines: they just get on with the action.

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The 60PlusMILFs is going to satisfy all of our readers who love to watch old ladies engaging in heavy, sexually quite explicit scenarios. These women are all eager and they are good to watch as they get banged hard. In case you like your models mature, you should pay attention to the site, because there are really hot pieces here. Best of all, you get another age-range as a bonus, because the site grants you access to the 50PlusMILFs, so if your fixation starts there, you should mind exploring that portal too. There are videos and photo galleries on old site, but if you don’t care about the media, that’s fine too, just enjoy what you can see.

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