There is a new way of viewing videos and it is taking the world by storm. And we are not talking about porn videos alone. Have you ever heard of the 4k technology already? It is the next big thing to happen when it comes to the resolution of your videos. If you have been a fan of porn videos for quite a long time already, then you might have enjoyed some technological advancement as well. For instance, there was a time when just loading a video takes a couple of hours. But now, thanks to really fast servers, you can now enjoy streaming and downloading your videos at lightning speed (coincidentally, this is also one of the many perks that you will be able to enjoy in the porn site that we are going to review today).

Then, of course, there was a time when most of the videos that you see on porn are a bit blurry with a lot of noise. This is because a lot of the videos were not high-definition back then. Fortunately today, though, you would already be able to enjoy this type of quality in most of the premium porn sites that you could join online. But now, there is a new technology that would totally change the way you view your videos. It is called 4K and once you have experienced watching in this kind of ultra-crisp and clear quality, my guess is you would never settle for anything else again. And this is exactly what the porn site that we are going to review offers. It is called 4KDesire and in this porn site, you will get to enjoy the most awesome videos ever in the best quality that our current technology can reach!

Honestly, I can’t imagine our technology surpassing the quality of this one, probably when the time comes that we already enjoy 3d viewing through our computers, but for now, 4k is the best thing that you will ever experience video quality-wise. I know that you are already excited about getting to know more about the porn site, so in this early on in the review, we will already share the details on how you would be able to join 4KDesire. In this way, whenever you decide to join the site, even before finishing this review, then you can already suit yourself and enjoy!

Cheap porn site with HD content.

Design and Features

As expected the website design of 4K desire looks pretty advanced too. Now before you go on imagining that this might mean a techno or futuristic-looking site, it is actually the other way around. It looks clean and pristine. I think the reason for this was to not be a distraction from their amazingly clear and crisp video thumbnails. Yes, that’s right, even their thumbnails are in a 4k technology. Having said that, one of the first things that you are going to see once you have landed on the page is a wide full-page scrolling banner in the same 4k quality. And scrolling down you will see thumbnails pertaining to their latest videos, some are a stand still screenshot, while others are in short videos, much like GIFs the only smoother.

By the way for those who are unfamiliar with the technology yet, 4k means that the resolution is in an incredible 2160 pixels. In this way, all the shots are in the clearest way possible. Along with that, it also uses immersive audio for that awesome surround sound. Don’t worry if your device is not updated as well because this kind of technology also makes the video optimized for all kinds of devices, even your portable ones like your smart phone.

Girls and Videos

Of course, if the videos are totally awesome, then you’ll also find amazing girls and incredible content on the site. With this kind of shooting technology, all of the skin imperfections of the models will be seen in the videos. Hence, the models that they star in their videos have really smooth porcelain-like skin. They are all fresh looking as well, and saying that they might be some of the most beautiful ladies you will find on porn isn’t an understatement!

As for the content, they mostly cover the general porn niches like anal, shower sex, and the like. I have noticed that most of them are house fucking. I hope that in the future we will be seeing more content touching on other porn niches aside from the usual ones but as for now, you will be able to enjoy their fully downloadable content shot in a fully lighted studio obviously with the latest equipment being used.


Overall, the main star of this porn site is still the technology used for it. We really recommend that you join the site because it will be really difficult for you to find another porn site that offers the same quality of resolution elsewhere. Remember, this is still a breakthrough technology that only a handful of porn sites currently have, not to mention that you will have to search for them still, unlike with 4KDesire that we have already found for you.

I understand that it can be a bit hard to see why you need this type of videos in your life. Our only suggestion is for you to take a look at the site to see them for yourself. Experience it first-hand, and while you’re at it, you might want to try and downloading a few, especially when the porn site also boasts of ultra fast servers that can get you the videos that you want in lightning speed. There is nothing like experiencing your videos in premium quality minus the long frustrating loading and buffering times.

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